February 9, 2018

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  • Since my big boys weren't here this morning, we did something that I rarely do-cancelled school! It was pretty wonderful especially since I slept until 9. Everyone else was awake pretty early. Campbell was the only one who came in our room, and that was to ask if she could make lemonade. The kids know that if you ask for something while I am in bed, the answer is pretty much yes.
  • Soon I was awake and working on my pretty long list for the morning. I was busy this morning but so were my girls. Most of my work was in the school room today-organizing that closet and preparing for next week. Reagan made Whitman a Valentine's box, Keaton listened to a few stories that I read to Whitman, and Campbell made more slime. So even though we didn't do school this morning, we all spent most of the morning in the school room.
  • We had our lunch, and before too long the boys came home. They went to Third Realm; this was just their second time there. The first time it was crazy crowded, but this time, they were some of the only folks there. They had so much fun and came home and told us all about it.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa came over this afternoon to pick up Graham. He spent the night at their house tonight. I am sure that he probably wasn't too lively since he was pretty tired when he left. Whitman was proud to show off some of his reading skills. That boy loves doing his "schoolwork" here at home. I tried to get him to skip some today but he would have none of it.
  • This evening, we dropped the kids off at Nonna and Pops' house. We went to play a few games at Laryn's house. After eating cookies, cake and cobbler along with pizza and salad, we left there completely stuffed. 
  • We picked the kids up from Nonna's house. They had fun hanging out over there, and most everyone had a shower. Once at home, Reagan scrambled and had her shower before joining all of her siblings in their beds!

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