February 3, 2018

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  • I somehow knew it would be like this but we were awake this morning at least 30 minutes earlier than we have any day this week. Whitman beebopped into our room and laid beside us for a bit. By the time that he left, we were wide awake. 
  • Robby eventually got up to make cinnamon rolls for the kids. When they were ready, he brought back a plateful for us to enjoy back in the bed as I had done for him last week. I think that we might have a pretty great Saturday morning tradition going there...at least until soccer starts.
  • We then listened to a sermon from a preacher that he heard this week, but during the second sermon I feel right on back to sleep. That didn't last long though because we were soon awake. 
  • Honestly, when I saw the kitchen after an unsupervised breakfast, I did think about turning right back around and getting back into bed. I didn't though and cleaned the kitchen before organizing a drawer in the kitchen. 
  • I even worked on cleaning my school room closet-think hideous! I just did 4 sections and at this rate, I figure that I have 7 more sections to do (Eeek!) Robby, Anderson and Graham headed off to the movies right before lunch. The boys were excited about getting to see Paddington.
  • The girls, Whitman and I had our lunch and then Jason showed up. He brought some cardboard for Keaton. He stayed for a bit entertaining the girls. I folded some clothes and even had a snooze while he was here. 
  • The boys and Robby came home, and we helped unload their groceries. I worked some more on my closet and had a shower before Nonna and Reagan arrived. They had a big evening, eating steak out, and a big morning, doing some shopping. Reagan was chatty when she came home, so she had a good time.
  • When Nonna left, I dried my hair, and we loaded up for the Wilson's house. Tony made his fried rice and Layne had made a dessert and Campbell had made brownies by herself here at the house. The kids enjoyed playing outside most of the time that we were there.
  • So when we did come home, they all needed showers before bed. Everyone showered pretty quickly, and we were in bed in no time.

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