February 27, 2018

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  • Robby took Whitman to school this morning on his way to work. The rest of us opened the second box of doughnuts, and everyone dug in as we sat down for breakfast. I read at the breakfast table and then we moved on to our together work, which is basically more reading for me to do. Some days, I fell hoarse by the time that it is 9:30. I don't know how teachers do it.
  • School went pretty well this morning. Anderson still took a while but he surprised me by flying through some new math. This math is converting things in different metric system forms. This always confuses me. Reagan is doing the surface area of cubes and pyramids which is something I never knew how to do. Seriously, I am always learning something. Now Graham's math today was learning how to reduce fractions-that is math that I can do! It didn't take him any time to figure it out.
  • At 11, I jumped in the car to go and pick up Whitman. He had a good day at school and told me all about it on the way home. He can be hard to understand sometimes, but when he is in my car, he is at least 5 feet from me so I can barely hear him too which just makes understanding him worse.
  • I brought him home and finished up school with everyone. Then we all had lunch while I read a few books. I currently have 84 library books checked out, and I tried desperately at lunch to reduce that number. I have about 20ish to return tomorrow to the library but I also have 25 to pick up. So many books to read and just so little time.
  • After lunch, Whitman and I did his school work. Then I helped Reagan hollow out the inside of a book, helped Anderson with a few pieces of a puzzle, helped Keaton build a fort along with reading a book to Whitman and playing basketball with Graham. I was busy all afternoon but I guess that Campbell did get a bit left out since I didn't do anything with her. She will have to be first on the list tomorrow!
  • I was busy all afternoon and quite a bit of that time was spent on the treadmill and then on our basketball game. I ended up being on Graham's team, and we played against Campbell and Anderson. It is amazing that my boys can not foul at all while playing basketball, but playing in our driveway, the whole thing looks more like a football game.
  • I left around 5 for Bunko. Reagan and Whitman were inside but everyone else were outside playing with the neighbors. They stayed outside until the rain came and it was getting dark. Then it was time for showers and supper-breakfast for supper tonight.
  • They all stayed up until the Razorback game was over which was about the same time that I walked in the door. Keaton grabbed her clothes to lay them out for tomorrow before she went to bed. Reagan bought a sweater from Amazon and can't wait to wear it tomorrow.

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