July 1, 2018

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  • Since waking up this morning meant the end of the weekend getaway, Robby and I were in no hurry to wake up and get moving. Whitman joined us bed at some point in the night. Whenever he is in bed with us, I must not move at all and wake up so incredibly stiff. 
  • When we did start stirring, we quickly put on our clothes and started passing out breakfasts to the kids and loading up. It didn't take long to gather all of our stuff from the house. Robby did work on filling up the ice chests which took a while. We did go with 4 ice chests, but only came home with 3 full ones! 
  • Campbell and Keaton rode home with Grannymom and Grandpa. When we picked them up, they mentioned that their car ride home was quiet. We also had already discussed how our car ride home was quiet. 
  • On the car ride home, we did watch as our van rolled over to 100,000 miles. While discussing this, we realized that our van has also been to 48 states. Not too shabby. Robby's car has 350,000 miles so hopefully the van can get half as many!
  • When we made it home, the kids really helped unload the car and put everything away. Robby said that when they had almost finished working on the car, Anderson told him that he wanted to cut the front yard. Robby got the lawnmower out for Anderson, and it didn't take too long for Anderson to mow the front yard. 
  • When he had finished that, Robby got out the big mower, and he mowed with it some too. Of course, Graham wanted in on all of this. He mowed some too until it was time for Robby to cut the boys' hair.
  • We are not really sure why Anderson volunteered to mow. We assume it was due to his work on the mission trip. Hopefully, some of that will stick around for a bit. As for his sister...bless! Tonight at supper, we were having leftover breakfast items. She said she didn't like breakfast at supper and didn't want anything. That was fine with me-more for the rest of us. I did make her set there and watch us eat. 
  • Then Robby told the kids that he wanted to try to start walking each morning. Some days he would walk with the boys and other days the girls. Reagan must have thought that this was a punishment because this news nearly caused her to start crying. I like to think that the child is just plumb exhausted...at least that is what I hope it is!
  • We had planned on going to the pool this evening, but the afternoon rain shower and lingering booms of thunder made us skip. We will go tomorrow though. Candice wrote tonight just as the kids had gone out to play with the neighbors. Robby and I walked down to their house for a bit. On the way home, Robby did say that I couldn't walk on Lawson by myself much-especially at night!
  • While we were gone, Whitman went outside with the others. I think that the fireworks or the other kids caused him to get a bit spooked. Keaton even wrote me saying that he was scared. We were almost back home when she wrote, but he was sure happy to see us!
  • Tonight, all the kids but Reagan are sleeping in the living room. Reagan is in her bed. Unfortunately, when we came home the upstairs air wasn't working. We hoped it was just having to work really hard to cool off the upstairs since Robby had turned it off. That wasn't it! Since it wasn't cooling it down any, we hoped that it was the Entergy thing where they can turn off your air. That wasn't it! Then Robby tried the flipping all of the breaker switches hoping that was it. That wasn't it either! A repairman is coming in the a.m. so hopefully, it is an easy (and cheap) fix!

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