October 31, 2018

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  • Everyone except for Keaton was awake this morning. I am not sure if that was because it was Bible study day or if it was because it was Halloween. Either way, it did make our morning run fairly smooth since I only had about 30 minutes until we left when I hopped in the shower. 
  • This morning when we had about 10 minutes left, I started calling to the kids reminding them how much time is left and what they needed to have done. If you remember, last week people were trying to make their breakfast as I was shouting to get in the car. This week, I think quite a few folks went without breakfast! Either way, it made the morning go more smoothly.
  • Now Whitman never goes without breakfast. He has his two little mommas that take care of him. Campbell or Keaton are always getting him breakfast or anything else that he needs. I am certainly glad that they help out, but gracious I do think they might be spoiling him rotten.
  • We did our Bible study. The only excitement was when everyone's phones went off in our small group saying that it was a flash flood warning. It wasn't too exciting since we were on the top of Immanuel's hill. 
  • Robby was having his own excitement at home. The lights went off about the same time that we left this morning. They stayed off until we were driving home. Now, he said that the wind was crazy, crazy. Our rain gauge which has never moved off of our picnic table was knocked to the ground. There were already quite a few limbs that needed to be picked up but now it will take a good while to pick all of those up....and we have less than a week to get all of that done.
  • After Bible study, we stopped at Sonic to pick up some 50 cent corn dogs. We did have to wait about 20 minutes before we got them, so I am not really sure if picking up lunch made things any easier or not.
  • Once we ate, we all did some of our history and science reading. Then I read to the littles while the bigs did their computer work. Then I worked with Whitman for a little bit. Finally, I had everyone help straighten up the house just a little bit. 
  • So very soon, it was time to load up for our Halloween run. Our first stop this afternoon was at Nonna's house. Then we ran to Grannymom's and Dana's houses. Next stop was ChickFilA for a free ice cream bar. 
  • Then it was back to Immanuel for the Family Fest. It was really neat. The kids all enjoyed it. Keaton did enjoy it but she wasn't too crazy when I told her that she would have to return her fish! The Dennie's don't do pets-even fish won at church carnivals!
  • We do however do cakes-cakes won at church carnival cake walks! And yep, 4 Dennie kids won cakes. Anderson won his first. Then on the very last thing we did before leaving Whitman, Campbell and Graham all won a cake! It was almost embarrassing walking out of there!
  • Once at home, we heated up some chili and cooked some hot dogs. The Heltz came over and while the kids traded candy, the grownups ate cake and lots of it!

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