January 31, 2021

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  • Sunday mornings are always tough for us to get out of bed and get everyone else moving. Graham and Anderson were the only ones awake this morning, but by the time I made it out of the shower, Keaton was almost back asleep in our bed. She was dressed for Sunday morning though so I just let her stay there for a bit.
  • I was able to empty the dishwasher before church and fill a bag of Whitman's clothes that are too small for him. I didn't have time to fold that pesky laundry but managed to get it folded tonight before bedtime.
  • After church, we headed to Grannymom's house for lasagna and homemade biscuits. Lunch was delicious, and I even left with a pan of Shelley's peanut butter heaven pieces (I don't know their real name). And yes, by the evening the pan was empty again. Now, I did take them over to the Wilson's house tonight for us all to enjoy.
  • When we came home this afternoon, I did school with Keaton and Campbell. They have a sleepover tonight (and left without me getting their pictures), so since we did our together school work today, they won't have to do anything with me tomorrow when they come home exhausted. 
  • I was able to squeeze in a quick nap before taking them to their party, and then I came home and finished a book and finished my nap after taking them. I was sleeping soundly when Robby told me that it was almost time to leave. 
  • Supper was down the road, but before Tony started cooking the kids made their own tortillas. That was fun and pretty yummy. Of course most anything is good with butter, cinnamon and sugar on top. There was also enchiladas to accompany the tortillas along with chocolate chip scones.
  • We watched some Chip and Joanna tv before we finally headed home. The kids had a few minutes of downtime before it was bedtime. I tell you, it sure is quieter around here with the little girls gone. Now, it wasn't quieter at the Wilson's because I guess since most of the girls were gone, the boys spent most of the time being boys-Whitman's hair was wet with sweat when we left because they had spent so much time wrestling upstairs-boys!

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