March 1, 2021

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  • Bentley did good last night-Robby took her out when he got up to go the bathroom in the middle of the night, then again in the early morning. I played with her until she went back to sleep, and then Robby and I went back to sleep until it was time to get up and scramble.
  • I had intended to wake up earlier to start school, instead I got up in time to just barely get everything finished. That was fine though and before too long we had finished our morning reading and had started individual work.
  • Anderson finished pretty early this morning for him. Graham has now taken over Anderson's last place to finish. Whitman was slow and steady today-and oh so very distracted! We were doing spelling words-and he got up three times while writing a 4 letter word. If he had been our first, we would never ever have stuck with homeschooling.
  • After school, Keaton and Campbell have been working hard on making bracelets. They are planning to open up a bracelet shop. Now, I am not too sure how we plan to sell their bracelets, but we have bracelets coming out of our ears.
  • This afternoon-there was lots of Bible study doing, lots of chores happening, and lots of device playing. And there was lots of sweeping and vacuuming. Let's talk about that for a minute-the grass were Bentley potties tracks in this house like crazy. Robby and I have both swept and vacuumed that area of the kitchen about a zillion times today. 
  • I walked on the treadmill and even trimmed my plants out front while Bentley was being entertained inside. The kids are still so good about taking care of her-it has just been a week. She is pretty spoiled though tonight she did have a 30 minute stretch where she was wild and crazy. My favorite part was when she went and tried to bite Whitman's head-he paid no attention to her and she quickly ran off to find other mischief. Within minutes though she was sound asleep.
  • This evening the girls' long awaited package finally arrived. We ordered three different packages from the same website a few days ago, and Campbell and Keaton have tracked the package from China giving me daily and even hourly reports on the packages where abouts.
  • Inside was the blue light glasses that they had ordered. They are so excited wearing them and haven't taken them off. I do say that they look pretty cute with them on.
  • There wasn't much for supper here tonight. We had clean out the fridge night, but that was hard to do with nothing in the fridge. We did supplement with a few boxes of mac and cheese. Reagan had cornbread and mac and cheese, Anderson had breakfast burritos along with his mac, Campbell and Whitman just had mac and cheese, while Keaton also had the lone slice of leftover pizza. Robby had breakfast burrito stuffing on bagel, and I also choose a bagel but with cream cheese.
  • Basketball has been on the tv all evening long. I was going to offer to play a game with the people, but they have all disappeared! Ha! The girls are probably making bracelets to sell!

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