September 6, 2021

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  • I debated us doing school today. I wasn't sure if I wanted to or not. I eventually decided that even though this is a crazy week with us starting Bible study, we still needed a holiday. Actually, I decided that I was the one who really needed a holiday, and it was a pretty perfect holiday.
  • I did wake up before everyone else to walk on the treadmill. I was still able to sleep in a little bit. After walking on the treadmill, I worked on the laundry before waking up the kids. 
  • Anderson and Graham worked for Pops a little bit this morning. They raked some, burned some things and even climbed up on his shed.
  • Anderson drove us to Pops' house today. He did a really great job-we did have one little bobble with him turning in too late on Pops' street, but he recovered well. He was a nervous wreck the whole drive though. 
  • Reagan drove us to our next stop-Target. She wasn't that nervous so that was good-I'm still nervous when they drive though. She was looking for a shirt though but couldn't find it. Campbell was looking for a notebook to take notes for church which she found a cute one.
  • Then it was a trip to Five Below and Kroger. Most folks seemed to be out shopping today. We were able to find what we needed so that was good. Pineapple juice and heavy cream were some of our purchases today. I just enjoy throwing out random things that we buy so folks can wonder what in the world we plan on eating.
  • Campbell spent a lot of her afternoon making huge chocolate chip cookies. They were pretty delicious and would have been even better if we would have had all of the chocolate chips that we needed.
  • We seemed to be busy all afternoon, but I didn't really seem to accomplish very much at all. That was fine though because we ended our evening with a pizza party. The Wilsons came over, and we had pizza and Campbell's cookies for our supper. 
  • We watched camper you tube videos and had a perfect end to our Labor Day.

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