September 9, 2021

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  • This was halfway the last day of school for the week-halfway because 4 out of 6 folks have finished with their school. That is a win. Anderson and Reagan still have school tomorrow, but I have myself a long ole list to clean this place up.
  • Today, Robby took them to their school this morning. While he was gone, the rest of us started on the day's school work. Whitman wasn't focused at all today, but he was finished around noon so I can't really complain too much. 
  • Everyone else finished a bit earlier, but we did all set around and do our Bible studies together. I mainly helped Whitman and Keaton while Graham and Campbell worked together since they have the same book.
  • I was able to walk on the treadmill this afternoon and pull out school for next week, which Keaton has already gone to town working on. Then Keaton and I headed to Benton to the pregnancy center. 
  • We filled bags of diapers and straightened baskets of clothes. We stayed busy pretty much the entire time. Keaton was a great help today. 
  • We finished and made it home just as Robby made it home from dropping off Anderson at Raymar. He worked tonight during practice. Robby and I went back out there to pick him up. We took Bentley and walked around though all Bentley could think about was eating goose poop!
  • We had told the kids to eat some leftovers while we were gone. However, they ended up cooking mac and cheese and chicken nuggets. We didn't have to cook for them, they made enough for all the people home and they cleaned up so it was definitely a win. And we can even have all of the leftovers tomorrow night now!
  • There was some showers and tv watching before bedtime tonight. And lots of popcorn eating-kettle corn is not Whitman's favorite type of popcorn. 

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