September 14, 2021

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  • Well, today was certainly a big day. Reagan's first solo drive. She wasn't exactly solo since she had Anderson guiding her from the passenger seat. Seriously, I know that I worried less knowing that Anderson was with her. 
  • This morning as they headed off to school, I tried to stay really busy so I didn't have time to think about her driving (now I did have time to utter a few prayers though!) I did finally turn on my phone and track them just as they were pulling into the church parking lot. Seconds later Robby was walking in saying that they had arrived. I told him that I had just looked, and he replied that he had been watching the whole time. 
  • School went fairly well today. Keaton and Graham both did their math, and then came to me asking how to do their next day's math. Some days math is easier and both of their was so they went to town working on math for later this week. I didn't get Whitman to work ahead as much as I wanted today, but he will have some time tomorrow.
  • After lunch, I did Bible study with all of the people-it was a disaster! Ha! I have decided that I will have to work with Keaton and Whitman together and then work with Campbell and Graham. They started off working really well together, but not so much anymore.
  • Next up was working in the girls' closet. We did have of it today-threw away 1 small bag of clothes, put 2 small bags of clothes in the donate boxes, and saved back a bin of clothes for Keaton for later. Oh, plus there were two bags of trash! That makes my heart happy. Campbell didn't to do it with me, but she eventually got into it. Now, Keaton, she loves organizing.
  • Actually, all of the girls have super neat drawers-Keaton and Campbell's have their clothes rolled. Seriously, they are just a bit over the top. I probably should have them work on my drawers-but doing our closet is pretty high on my list.
  • This was about the time for Reagan and Anderson to head home. I did a bit more tracking on their way home and even met them outside. Reagan said that Anderson wanted to stay at church-I guess she was kidding. He did say that she drifted out of her lane a bit. We noticed that her top speed was 56-and since that was on the interstate that was probably fine! 
  • There was once again a lot of basketball training happening. Whitman, who isn't signed up to play basketball, was adamant that he did not want to miss "the training." 
  • The Wilsons came over for supper tonight-we had leftovers plus a few new hamburgers and hot dogs. We still have plenty of buns leftover so there will be lots more leftovers eaten-plus some creative uses of hot dog buns.
  • It was too late to watch a movie tonight, but it wasn't too late to have some ice cream. I guess that Robby has officially turned into a Blue Bell snob because he didn't even finish his bowl because he didn't like it. 

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