September 12, 2021-Happy 16th Birthday Reagan!

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  • What a day! Robby said tonight, "How often do you have a 16 year old?" Well, we have 5 more 16 year olds, but today we celebrated all the day long. 
  • The celebration today didn't just include Reagan, but also Campbell. We started our morning with Campbell, Reagan and I leaving early for church. They were being baptized early this morning. On the way there, I mentioned that there would people there to tell us what we needed to do. Reagan was shocked that there were baptism people to help. I told her that those same people were there when I was baptized a zillion years ago.
  • Casey baptized both girls at the very beginning of the service. Reagan didn't want to go first, but that is what she did. Casey had everyone say "hi Reagan." Then he also had the whole congregation say, "Happy Birthday" to her. Reagan was just a bit mortified, but she handled well. Campbell was next, and everyone said, "Hi Campbell," to her. 
  • Today was our first day back to Sunday school, and even though it is tiring and requires extra work, I am so glad that we are back. We have first graders, and we had a room full. (Not nearly as many as prepandemic, but many more than we have had lately.)
  • We hurried out of Sunday school and rushed to Grannymom's house. We were having Sunday lunch over there. Grannymom had meatballs and a host of other yummy things. There was even sopapilla cheesecake for Reagan. That was actually her only birthday candle that she blew out today.
  • From there Robby and Reagan headed to the soccer field for her second soccer game. Their team dominated 4-1 or possibly even 5-1. Robby said that he was sitting on the second row so he really wasn't able to see what all was happening.
  • The rest of us came home and unloaded the car-church stuff, Sunday school stuff, baptism clothes, church clothes-like we had been on a trip. I even snuck in a nap this afternoon for a few minutes before Robby, Reagan and Campbell came in from the soccer game.
  • Campbell freshened up and then headed to Rock Creek with the big boys and Brett. Reagan took a shower (after a soccer game, she needed to do more than freshen up) and then her party guests started arriving.
  • Tonight she celebrated her birthday at a little Italian place with 10 of her friends. Robby and I had the Wilsons come with us so we could enjoy our night out as well. We only had to wait like 5 minutes for a table and were soon all sitting down. 
  • The kids table was a bit loud, but I think that they all had a great time. Robby even ordered them some cheese bread for them to enjoy. I will say that when we had finished, I turned to ask Reagan for her leftovers. That girl hadn't eaten a thing of her cheese ravioli. She said that she had filled up on bread!
  • Reagan really wanted to go and eat ice cream afterwards. However, I sure couldn't find a place that was open long enough. At the very last minute, I suggested Sonic. Then they suggested the playground one, and it all just worked out perfectly. 
  • Robby ordered food for everyone, and the kids played. Brett and our church goers arrived at Sonic, and Robby picked up Keaton and Whitman who had spent the evening at Nonna and Pops' house while we were out to eat. It was the perfect way to end the evening. We aren't taking the birthday things down around here, because Keaton's birthday party is this weekend.

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