September 22, 2021-Happy Birthday Robby!

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  • This morning began with me getting up a bit later than I wanted, but I still had plenty of time to get all of us ready for Bible study. Today when the kids left, the each received a new leather ESV Bible. That was super nice, and the first time for that. The girls were pretty excited about them and asked me to go straight to Mardels to get their names on them.
  • The other Dennie kids stayed at home to do their school work. They all did SOME things with excellence, and well they also did other things! Ha! I did decide today that I probably help my bigs a bit too much with their school work-at least I seemed to help quite a bit today.
  • I did take a break to eat lunch when we came home from Bible study, but school was still happening with people until it was time to leave at 5 today.
  • Well, we did stop to celebrate Robby a few times-he opened some presents from us along with a few cards from the kids. Graham went ahead and made a card for next year-he wrote 48 instead of 47! Grannymom and Grandpa came over for a little bit to drop off Robby's birthday presents-another table.
  • Soon it was time for church tonight. Reagan opted for soccer practice while the rest of us went to church. The big boys came downstairs tonight with pieces of pizzas while Campbell, Keaton and Whitman said their verses to earn some candy, so everyone left happy.
  • After church and practice, we all met back together at the house. Robby brought some McDonalds home which we ate for our supper. Then the Wilsons came over with some ice cream and cones to celebrate Robby and to celebrate National Ice Cream Cone day.
  • Keaton made some oatmeal cookies for tomorrow. When it was bedtime, I made all of the kids get ready for bed and then do some chores before bed. It was nice to get a few things accomplished. They are being quiet upstairs right now so I guess that they are all asleep!

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