September 3, 2021

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  • This was certainly a lazy Friday. I did set my alarm even though there wasn't a whole lot to do today-and very little school to be finished. I did my dishes, laundry and walked my dog. Bentley and I did make it to the end of the street today. It took a good bit of coaxing, but we did finally make it. I did even think of giving up a few times and just turning around to go home, but we persevered.
  • Anderson and Reagan did have a little bit of school work to do today, and all of the kids had some chores. I am not sure how well the chores were done today, but I did work all the day long.
  • I have been working on organizing the attic upstairs along with changing the bedding in the camper. That took a while today. I even intended to walk on the treadmill, but gracious that never seemed to happen today. 
  • I did manage a Friday afternoon nap. Afterwards, it was time to run out for a mystery shop. Anderson tagged along so he could have supper out. Traffic was crazy getting there so it took a while. 
  • Then we ran to Walmart to pick up a few things-shirt, sour cream, tums-you know the basics. Just a bunch of random items. After Walmart, we picked up some supper for some of the other kids. Others were just making nuggets and mac and cheese. 
  • We worked on the van, made some dip, cleaned the kitchen, herded people to the showers and even had time for a movie tonight. It was a pretty great Friday.

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