September 30, 2021

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  • I do love me some Thursdays. I was awake first-seems to be the theme. Well, actually Bentley was awake first, and Robby did take her potty, but then, then I was the first one out of bed for good this morning.
  • I wasn't able to take Bentley for her walk, but we did do some grooming time. We have our morning routine-poop, run, teeth, brush, nails and then eat. I think that she tolerates all of the other because she knows that eating is coming soon.
  • Reagan and Anderson went to school-she drove again, and they made it there and home so I would consider it a success. While they were gone, the rest of us went to town on school work. Keaton finished pretty quickly and even packed her self.
  • I was able to do quite a few things to get ready for the trip. Though I still have a busy day tomorrow. I even packed for Whitman who was steadily working on his school work. It did take him quite a while today-though he did make sure that he took plenty of breaks!
  • When Reagan and Anderson arrived home, I headed out with Keaton to the pregnancy center for the afternoon. There were lots of helpers there today, but Keaton and I kept ourselves busy. We hung clothes, packaged diapers and folded clothes.
  • While we were gone, Robby took Anderson to get a hair cut and dropped him off at football practice. Robby had already taken Graham for a hair cut earlier in the day. That just leaves Whitman for his haircut before we leave.
  • The girls and I went to Target this evening along with ChickFilA before hurrying to pick up Anderson. Then it was home for everyone-we did end the evening with some ice cream along with a Hallmark movie. 

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