September 27, 2021-Happy 10th Birthday Keaton!

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  • I woke up at a decent time this morning for a Monday. There was lots that I needed to do today...I probably should have done some of it! Before school started, I spent my time folding laundry. We had already put away a few loads last night, but that did leave me 2 large loads to fold this morning. I finally had to take a break on the laundry and just worked on it each time I walked by the kitchen table during the day.
  • Whitman was awake first and then the birthday girl came downstairs. She had been hoping that I let everyone skip school today. She had already done a bit and was one of the first ones finished today so she didn't have to slave away too long.
  • Whitman was not in the school zone today, but Anderson seemed to be. He was able to accomplish a lot of things today. Reagan always does 2 days of school on Monday so she works super hard on Mondays. 
  • Early this afternoon, I noticed a group of people in the back yard. Well, actually Bentley did-it was just the kids and Robby all working on the volleyball net. They were able to set it all up, and we played a few rounds of volleyball. I do know for certain that volleyball champions are not in the future for any of my Dennies.
  • This afternoon Robby, Graham, Campbell, Keaton and I ran to Sonic for a bit of her birthday celebration. She also got to buy a box of candy that she has been wanting from Sams-dark chocolate covered caramel squares with sea salt on top. I am not a big fan of caramel, but she does have good taste.
  • Robby and I were home for about 20 minutes and did manage to quickly clean out a closet (it was a small closet so we still did a good job.) Then we headed out to take Reagan to her soccer practice. Our plan was to talk about the menu for next week, but we actually forgot all about that.
  • We spent our time walking around Walmart. We did come home with birthday cookies for Keaton...oh, and we also brought Reagan home as well. The kids had made pizzas at home, so once Reagan grabbed her slices, we gathered and sang to Keaton.
  • The boys watched some of the Cowboys game while the girls watched some of the Bates. Robby worked on things for the camper and I worked on the blog this evening. We did find some time for a bit of relaxing, but all too soon the evening was over!

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