September 21, 2021

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  • It was a dreary Tuesday around here. It looked like rain when Reagan and Anderson drove off to school. The roads were wet when she came home so of course she was reminded to slow herself down. I am good and don't fret while she is driving, but it is always a relief to see them walk into the house.
  • The rest of us did our school work for the day. It does take Whitman all of the morning to accomplish his pile of work. Then that leaves the afternoon for me to work together with him. We can get it done is about 35 minutes, but he always wants to only to do half of it at a time.
  • Today for lunch Campbell, Keaton and Graham made lunch. They made mac and cheese along with mini rolled grilled cheese. It was quite the production-they made and rolled grilled cheese sandwiches then put them in the air fryer. They were really pretty good.
  • Once again I didn't really accomplish all of my list today-I am not really sure what happened to most of the afternoon because around 4 I went with Robby to Sams-we went inside and then we picked up an order. 
  • Afterwards, we went home to work on supper for the people. We pulled everything that we could think of out of the fridge. We had a few takers for another round of leftovers. We are not too sure where the leftovers keep coming from. However, after tonight there are no more leftovers.
  • We did go over to the Wilson's house twice today to inspect their camper work. Tonight we did make time for Sonic drinks and ice cream. 
  • Once we came home, I worked in the kitchen for a little bit before everyone at least went upstairs for bed!

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