September 2, 2021

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  • I think that today is Thursday. Gracious, this has been a long day. I think that I finished everything off of my to do list. Though Robby did accuse my of cheating on my list today. I have started putting stars by things that I don't think I will get around to each day. Those are my bonus items. Needless to say, I didn't get around to doing anything of my star items today.
  • Keaton spent the night at Nonna and Pops' house so she was gone all of the morning. Reagan and Anderson spend the morning and most of the afternoon at school. So that just left the rest of us at home. And if you remember, Whitman finished his school work yesterday. That all combined to make it is a pretty odd day around here.
  • I worked with the kids off and on, but also did some work in the camper and in the attic. Robby always does seem to mess up my schedule though (I'm just teasing-he does mess it up in a good way.) 
  • We ran a few errands which included looking for sleeping bags for Graham and Whitman. Everyone else has one except for those two boys. We want sleeping bags for everyone to try out in the camper. Bedding just seems to be an issue every single time. However, bedding for 8 people is probably always an issue.
  • I am not really sure what all happened this afternoon because it was soon over. I did have time to pull out everyone's school work for next week. We did load up to go to the pool around 4:30 with Whitman, Campbell and Keaton. 
  • This was our 46th visit to the pool this year. The last two years we only made it 43 times so I do feel pretty pleased with myself. That averages out to be 7.61 cents each visit which isn't too incredibly bad. 
  • We came home when the pool closed at 8. Anderson was outside playing basketball when we arrived home. Then Graham joined him followed by the neighbors. They played for a good little bit outside-well, long enough that they were sweaty messes when they came in.
  • We pulled out some snacks-unfortunately, we are out of ice cream here-while we were watching a movie before beditme.

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