September 23, 2021-Breaking in the Wilson's Camper

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Oh what a fun day! Our morning started early with me waking up so I could wake all of the other people up. Then it was school time. We finished all o our school for the day...well, I actually did work with Whitman which kind of makes me a bit crazy. However, I just have to remind myself that in one of his books we are over 1/3 finished so there is no reason to stress. And really, one day won't hurt anyone.

While the kids were working, I was running around the house throwing things into my laundry basket to put in the camper. I think we managed to get everything we needed plus we even worked on the house some. Sweet, favorite Campbell overheard me talking about needing to clean the shower so she volunteered to do that. 

I had to run a few errands to drop things off, and then when I returned home it was almost time for Robby and the kids to pull out. Now, Reagan and Anderson were at school today-driven by Reagan again. So I waited for them to come home from school before we left at 3. Robby and his crew left a little bit after 2.

Robby followed Tony or maybe it was the other way around. They arrived at Maumelle Park and quickly found our spots. Tony picked the straight shot to back in. Then Robby pulled in beside him-he just pulled in so our doors open up together, and it is just the perfect spot. Really, I don't know if it could be much better.

Because of our crazy weekend, we did need both cars out here so that meant that Reagan had to drive out here. I told Anderson that he had to ride with her to help. She followed me-of course we had to pass a trash truck on the way. We stopped at Kroger and they did buy themselves a treat. I had to pick up some pancake mix. Then we were on our way.

When I arrived, our rugs were already out. Robby helped the kids get their bikes down, and they were gone. They have made the loop quite a few times with their bikes. Keaton even did the loop with her skateboard this evening while we were on a walk.

Soon, Shannon arrived and Brett did not too long after. We spent the early evening setting up camp. Tents, lights, chairs, tables, it is all just perfect. I really could do this full time-I know that Robby could for sure. We took a walk this evening before we brought out supper. Tonight's supper was chili...after we were here, we started to think that cornbread sure would have been good with it. Everyone was too hungry to wait for me to run to Walmart, so we just made do with our crackers, fritos, cheese and sour cream.

After supper, we sat around the fire some. There was another walk. And then Shannon made some hot chocolate while Robby worked on dessert. He grilled some pound cake along with some grilled peaches and blueberries. 

The evening was just pretty great-the kids all had fun. My folks especially enjoyed our new hammock. Bentley was a good sport tonight and seemed to enjoy the evening out doors. Currently, she is balled up on my side of the bed. I'm planning on letting her stay there until my shower!

Tomorrow we have big exciting plans-we may run to Costco! And of course there will be lots of cooking!

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