September 25, 2021-Breaking in the Wilson's Camper

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My morning began pretty early this morning with Anderson. We stepped out of the camper at 6:30 to head to Raymar for him to work the football games. The road just outside of the park had signs and we had received emails about the bike race that would be passing through here so we left in plenty of time. 

However at that time of the day, there was nothing at all happening on the road so we just zoomed on. We did try to stop at a Sonic to get him a little bit of a breakfast snack. However, the one we stopped at wasn't open yet. So the next stop was McDonalds where we tried to use the app to save some money, but it wouldn't let me. We still bought us a little snack though-I tell you, there is no breakfast better than a sausage mcmuffin. (Well, a camping breakfast does rank right up there especially since I had one of those too later in the day.)

After all of that, we still arrived at Raymar before anyone else. I then stayed and set up the concession stand before leaving. Anderson did his work, and Pops picked him up and brought him out to us as I was leaving on my next outing.

Before I did leave, I was able to help Robby make some breakfast. There was bacon, pancakes, eggs, egg in the holes and orange juice this morning. There probably was something else, but I can't think of it! Robby and I had taken a walk before we stared on breakfast and some of the kids had rode their bikes for a bit, so I think that everyone was hungry because they sure ate everything that he fixed.

It seemed like I wasn't at the campsite long before I did leave with Reagan for her soccer game in Greenbriar. I really didn't know how far away I was going. I thought it was just the next exit after Conway, but it was a bit further than that.

Everytime she plays soccer, I can tell that she enjoys it more and more. She is all bruised up with two sore ankles, but she was saying that she will be sad when soccer ends. I am so thankful for her team and her coach. The other coach and their parents were patooties today, but her coach is always so encouraging to the girls. 

They won their game, and afterwards we headed back to Little Rock. Now, I knew that I needed gas and I did see my gas light come on during the drive home. I thought that I could make it to Sams to get gas. I did get a bit nervous on the 430 bridge since there is no where to pull over on that stretch. 

After I did thankfully make it to Sams, Robby saw my receipt-my gas tank was 31 gallons and I pumped 30.668 gallons on gas-yep, I made it on fumes and prayers! I did make sure that I told Reagan to do as I say, not as I do!

We then went to Grannymom's house for Reagan to take a shower and for us to drop off her uniform so Grannymom could wash it so it would be ready for tomorrow. We were there during some of the game, but left and made it back to the campsite before the end of the game.

While I was at soccer, all of the food seemed to come out at our campsites. Robby made cheese dip, Shannon made cookies. There were chips and more cookies and pretzels and popcorn. There was also a lot of yelling. And there was also some folks having a wake or a memorial service in a pavilion right across the street from us. I hope that the person they were remembering was a Hog fan. 

During half time of the game, Robby did go and dump the camper. Our black tank got full so that was a needed task. He said that it wasn't too much of a hassle though, and they were back by the end of the half. As soon as the game was over, we did start on burgers for our suppers. I was so full that I didn't even eat a burger. We still had plenty of other food-corn dip, onion dip, pasta salad, potato salad, cheese dip, oh gracious we are pigs!

Once supper was put away, we started on cleaning up all of our messes. It was quite the mess, but it didn't take too long at all to put things away. Next up was a walk for the adults and dogs while Keaton and Campbell skateboarded beside us. I am always pretty amazed at their skate boardking skills.

We walked a far ways before coming back and pulling out the S'mores stuff. The kids had quite a few s'mores plus there was banana pudding that Shannon had made. She has cooked more this trip in her camper, than I have the whole time we have had our camper.

After our final dessert, we played a game of Farkle with the kids. Campbell was the big winner. Whitman is the gambler of the family-he wanted to risk it all every single time that he played. He could have easily won, if he would have stayed. I do know that we will not be able to take that boy to Vegas!

We were out fairly late tonight. We even put a few things away since I will be gone tomorrow. This has been such a fun camping trip, and I hate for it to come to an end.

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