September 29, 2021

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  • I was the first one awake today, and quickly went upstairs to start waking the kids up. I was surprised that they all woke up fairly easily. Whitman even came downstairs wearing clothes-not even the clothes that he slept in, but new fresh clean clothes. Reagan was even awake and moving before we left the house.
  • I think that this was the third or possibly fourth Bible study for us. When we left, we headed to Mardels to have the kids Bibles engraved. There was a bit of a line so we were able to walk around the store for a minute. Campbell even found a few Christmas gifts that she wanted to add to her list.
  • We met Robby at the gas station and then went to pick up a few things at Kroger. Once I finally did get home, it was school time.
  • Campbell and Keaton had finished most of their work yesterday. Surprisingly, Whitman was on fire today and did great doing some work and then taking some breaks. I worked pretty much until time to go on school work with the kids. I didn't even get around to working with Whitman and saved that for Friday.
  • Church was fine tonight-the big kids were the ones waiting on me tonight. I am not sure why we were so late. We stopped for pizza on the way home and had to wait for a long while to get that pizza. 
  • Once we made it home, we ate and then I kicked up my feet and watched myself a movie! It was the perfect end to a pretty crazy day.

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