September 17, 2021

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  • Aww, Friday! It was another really great Friday around here. We did have a grocery order come at 8 this morning so that did help us get moving. It was probably a little after 8 when it did come-the dishes and laundry had already been done.
  • Campbell was the only kid awake to help with the groceries. It is quite entertaining getting grocery orders because you never know what you will get. For example-Robby ordered store brand bbq chips, but received name brand super yummy chips. He also ordered 3 gallons of milk and received 2 that were fine and one that expired yesterday. At first the website said that he would have to return it-so you better believe that we were-then someone else was able to refund his money without returning it which really made much more sense.
  • After the grocery excitement, I went to work on cooking up 10 pounds of meat that we bought. You have to take out a loan to buy ground beef right now. It was a pain to do today, but I will be super glad that it is all cooked, frozen and ready to go.
  • The next order of business was working on Keaton's birthday party. It is a bake-off so we have just about every kitchen utensil and every baking necessity out on tables in the kitchen. She is so excited, and everyone else is excited about it as well-I think many of us are going to get to be judges during the event.
  • Keaton finished making a mask today so I had to help her a little bit. Also the camper was ready down the road, so Robby and his chauffeur, Reagan, went there to pick it up. Campbell said that her and Reagan talked about asking to go to Sonic, but Reagan decided not to since she didn't know what lanes to get in.
  • Soon it was super, and Robby ran to get ChickFilA for the kids. Then we headed out with the Wilsons to celebrate Shannon's birthday. We ate at Tacos for Life and then we walked around Costco and Walmart. Best night ever-ha! It was lots of fun and we even spent some money.
  • When we did get home, it was time for some ice cream before we put the kids in bed. However, this is stay up night so there is little sleeping going on upstairs!

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