September 20, 2021

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  • I did wake up when I wanted to this morning-I had also woken up about 3 times during the night to go to the bathroom. I sure don't remember drinking a ton of water last night, but I guess that I sure did. I was going to say that I wouldn't drink as much tonight, but I do remember that I drank at least 3 bottles of water tonight at Raymar.
  • I was able to walk Bentley this morning. Though she sure didn't want to walk all the way down the street. She sure did want to go home when I asked her. When we get home from our walks, I brush her, try to brush her teeth, trim her nails and today we capped off the grooming routine with ear drops.
  • We did our school this morning. Not everyone finished as much as I thought that they should. However, we did finish the day so I can't complain at all.
  • I had a ton of things on my list today, and I did accomplish a few of them. There is still a lot left over for tomorrow though-I sure wouldn't want to be bored so I guess that is why I saved a few things.
  • After school, I did a little work around the house before I headed to Raymar with everyone but Robby and Reagan. Anderson and Graham reffed two games. Campbell worked in the concession stand, and Keaton did quite a bit of concession stand work. 
  • Meanwhile, Robby took Reagan to practice and then ran to the grocery store for our first set of groceries. They also picked up a rotisserie chicken for our supper tonight. I made it home before he did and heated up some mashed potatoes. 
  • Then we ran to the Wilson's house for a little bit to watch them back their new camper into their garage!

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