September 15, 2021

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  • We survived another Wednesday! Just about 26 left in the school year-not that I have counted or anything at all. 
  • While we were at school, Reagan, Anderson and Graham worked on their school work. Some of them did more than others, but I do think that those three staying home on Wednesdays is a good thing-at least I hope it is a good thing.
  • Robby did drop off the camper today so he needed someone to pick him up. Good thing we have another drive who happened to be at home. Reagan and her sidekick for the ride, Graham. Reagan is the one who asked Graham if he wanted to come with her so I really think that she didn't want to drive alone. She did ask when she would be able to go somewhere, "like take Campbell to Sonic," so I am not too sure if she is planning on driving by herself anytime soon.
  • After Bible study, we did run to Sara's house for a little bit. We had lunch there and chatted for a little bit before heading home. Once at home, I started on doing school with everyone-thankfully, I was able to finish before it was time to leave for church again. 
  • Tonight Reagan had thought about skipping church to go to soccer, but at the last minutes she opted for church instead. She drove us to the library and then on to church which is no small feat during the 5:00 rush hour. 
  • Church was good tonight. We stayed later chatting and making sure all of our friends had a ride home! Then we left and grabbed pizza from Little Ceasars-now, it killed hunger but that was about all. 
  • The kids had some time to veg out tonight while I also did some vegging watching a Hallmark movie. Then I hope to snag some ice cream before I go to bed-now, Robby won't be eating any since he is a wee bit too good for the cheap kind! 

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