September 18, 2021-Happy 10th Birthday (Party) Keaton!

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  • Dennie days are either extremely busy or not busy at all. Today, was one of those busy days. We began our morning before 7 with Anderson, Graham, Campbell, Keaton and I leaving for Raymar. 
  • This was the second game day. Today Anderson said that he knew what to do better, and he stayed busy. That guy worked pretty hard today including reffing a football game. Graham also reffed two football games. And my Campbell ran the concession stand for 2 hours. Football is social time for Keaton so she was living it up. 
  • During the second round of games, I ran to Hobby Lobby. I was looking for picture frames, but I really didn't know what I wanted so I bought nothing. I do know that I am not good at making decisions about house things!
  • I picked up the boys, and we headed home. We weren't there long because Sams in North Little Rock was giving away free lunch, and since Reagan needed some driving practice that is where we headed. Now, I get nervous driving on the 30 bridge and 67-167, but she really did good. I mean she did hit all of the local interstates-430, 630, I-30, I-40 and 67-167. However, she sure didn't want to drive home. 
  • We had quite a meal at Sams-Reagan had grilled cheese with burnt ends, Whitman and Robby had nachos with chips, while Keaton and I had nachos with fries. And really, mine were quite the nachos. I had the fries, bbq meat, cheese sauce, salsa, guacamole, and black beans on mine. There might have even been something else on it.
  • After eating, we walked around for a little bit-even bought Bentley a Christmas present-before heading home for a nap and to watch the football game. Graham had taken his nap while we were gone, so he was ready to watch the game while I just started my nap as the game came on.
  • I thought that I had set my alarm but Robby woke me up about 30 minutes before folks started arriving tonight. Keaton was having a Cupcake Wars birthday party tonight. She had 5 of her buddies over for her party this evening.
  • They began the evening with a game guessing how old Keaton was in different pictures. A scavenger hunt was next. However, the rain messed those plans up-she was trying her best along with Graham to hide all of the clues before the bottom dropped out. 
  • We had taco salad for our supper. Once I had cleaned up from supper, it was time to begin the cupcake challenge. The girls were divided into two teams and started to work. They had to bake, decorate, make a cake stand and present to the judges in 2 hours and 30 minutes. 
  • Along with all of that, they had to complete different challenges and twists during this time. It was lots of fun and those girls were certainly very creative. I am thankful that one of the elements to their judging was a clean station which left a bit less work for me.
  • The judges were Anderson, Graham, Whitman and Reagan. Campbell helped me be the host so she was not a judge. Also Bentley did provide one of the teams with 2 bonus points when she chose their piece of cupcake over the other one.
  • The judges were pretty harsh-as in the boys gagged when they heard it was vegan cupcakes that were made. It all was pretty funny. I had made it clear to the judges that if they made anyone cry, they would have to deal with it themselves. The judges had score sheets and it turns out that Whitman was the harshest judge. He didn't give anyone over a 5 in his score sheet.
  • One set of cupcakes were a shark theme with shark fins in blue water with strawberry fish along with brown sugar sand. The other set was a Disney theme with Mickey, Minnie, and various Disney princesses. They were all super creative.
  • After the cupcakes, we sang to Keaton and they started watching Annie before bed. It is currently 11:30 and no one in this house is in bed. I just told Whitman to get out of the shower-I think that he had been in there for at least 30 minutes. My goal is to put the boys in bed soon, and soon after the girls' movie might hopefully be finished. 

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