September 8, 2021

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  • Well, I am thankful that after today I can say, "we survived." We started the morning early since this was our first day of Bible study. Before we left, I was able to walk Bentley for a tiny bit, empty the dishes and fold the laundry.
  • Despite doing all of this, most of my time was spent trying to wake up the kids. Once everyone was awake and ready, it was time for Whitman, Campbell, Keaton and I to leave.
  • Reagan, Anderson and Graham are not going to Bible study this year. I hate that, but Anderson and Reagan's co-op causes them to be gone all day Tuesday and Thursday so they would have little time if to do any work if they were gone on Wednesdays too. I wanted Graham to go, but I know that I made the right decision since there are no boys in his class.
  • Even though they aren't going to Bible study, I do have their books, and they are going to keep up with the rest of us.
  • Bible study was pretty good. I am in a good group with a leader that I have had before. This is Whitman's first official year with the big kids. Keaton enjoyed her group and had a great time. Campbell is with a group girls, but she wasn't in the greatest mood when she came home. She eventually cheered up and seemed to have a good afternoon.
  • We didn't have a super long afternoon today, but I was able to do school work with everyone. It did take up pretty much all of the afternoon. However, it is done, and I shouldn't have too much school to do on Friday.
  • I had to take Anderson and Graham to church at 5 for a referee meeting. Then the rest of us ran to the library to drop off and pick up some books. Finally, it was time for us to go to the church house. 
  • Tonight was the first night of our new Wednesday nights. I think that everyone had a great time-I know that Campbell, Keaton and Whitman did because they had ice cream after church tonight.
  • When we made it home, Robby had spaghetti and biscuits ready for us to eat. We must have been pretty hungry when we came in because we sat down and ate before even unloading the car...or even pulling it into the garage (Reagan drove home and she doesn't park in the garage!)
  • After supper, I worked on the blog while we watched a Hallmark movie!

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