September 24, 2021-Breaking in the Wilson's Camper

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We slept wonderfully well last night. Robby said he had to get up four times to go to the bathroom, and I had to get up twice. We are like a bunch of old people. Maybe we should lay off the cokes and water in the evening!

Despite all of this getting in and out of the bed, we all did sleep very well. There is nothing like camping sleeping! Bentley even until almost 9 like the rest of us. We moved pretty slowly this morning and worked on straightening things a bit in the camper. 

Then Robby started working on making our breakfast. We had made our pancake mix last night in an old apple juice bottle, so it was ready to go on the Blackstone as soon as Robby pulled it out. He also cooked some sausage links, and we had ourselves a pretty good breakfast.

It was a really great morning-the kids hung out in the hammocks, rode their bikes and took some walks as we sat around and did pretty much nothing in the perfect weather. I really enjoyed it today since I'll be pretty busy tomorrow running people around so this was my Saturday, and it was a good, good day.

Before we knew it, it was noon. We sure weren't hungry at all since we had really just finished breakfast. Robby did a bit of organizing in our cooking bins this morning. Things are nice and neat in those bins at least. We still have too many things in the camper, so we need to clean a few things and take a few things back into the house.

Some time this afternoon we loaded up and headed on a grand camping adventure-Costco! We did find a few things that we needed and even a few things that we didn't know that we needed. We bought 2 hammocks, a sweatshirt for Anderson, a coat for Robby, a dog cot for Bentley and pancake mix for later. From there we left and headed to the next great adventure: Walmart. We didn't buy much at all there, but Campbell did find a Christmas present.

Back at the campsite, there was some more sitting around this evening. Robby and I did take the dogs on a walk while the Wilsons slaved away at supper. They cooked tonight and made fried rice and noodles for our supper. It was all delicious.

Then they started on our evening dessert. They made homemade ice cream and apple crisp in the dutch oven. It took a bit longer to cook than they expected, but it was certainly worth the wait. While we waited, we snacked on chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal cookies. Friends of the Wilsons stopped by along with Jason and visited for a while. It was a pleasant evening with all of our desserts and the visiting.

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