September 11, 2021

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  • Weekends are not for the faint of heart around here. My car left first this morning around 7:15 to get Anderson to Raymar by 7:30. He was doing his junior intern work today which included reffing one game. Graham was with us as well because he was reffing 2 games today. Campbell was also with us because she was working in the concession stand the entire time, and Keaton was just along for all of the excitement.
  • The weather was nice out there today. The time went by pretty quickly. Both boys seemed to enjoy the day and didn't mind reffing at all. They had both been a bit nervous about it and were up late studying their ref instruction manuals.
  • Robby, Whitman and Reagan were left at the house today. Robby worked in the yard some more and was still outside working when we came home today. Robby and Campbell did run down the street to the gas station. He had her run in and buy herself an icee and buy a bag of ice for him (he was filthy from yard work.) When she came home, she was pretty proud of herself for going in without anyone else.
  • I straightened the house for a little bit and did my part getting things ready for tonight. Then I had myself a nap!
  • All too soon, I was jumping in the car to take Reagan for her first soccer game of the year. She played in Benton and it was hot! The game did last exactly 90 minutes so I didn't think that was too terrible. 
  • Reagan did good-she even hit the ball with her head today. Sometimes I see her out there pushing and shoving and just wonder who's child she is. That just doesn't seem like her to enjoy it, but she sure does love playing soccer. It probably helps that she has a great time and a good coach. Despite her great time though they did tie today 0-0 which made for a pretty long game.
  • When we got home, the party was happening at our house. The Crafts and Fergusons were over at our house watching the Hogs beat Texas. It was a good game but the food was just as good to me. I hadn't really eaten anything all day except for a granola bar or two and some pringles.
  • The kids were playing outside when we arrived and played outside pretty much the entire evening until it became dark. Everyone stayed until after the ballgame was over.
  • When they all left, my kids helped clean up and the house was back in order in no time at all. Robby and I ran to play with Annie for a little bit before her bedtime. We then tucked our kids in while giving all kinds of instructions for tomorrow-another busy day around here and a big birthday!

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