September 1, 2021

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  • I had intended on taking Bentley on her morning walk this morning. We had gone halfway when that silly dog just sat her rear end down and wasn't going to walk any further. I convinced her to walk some more and within a few steps, she stopped again. We did this for about 10 minutes before I just offered for her to "go home" and she took me up on that offer. I am not sure at all why she was so skittish-we will try again tomorrow.
  • Once we did get back home, I started waking up the sleepy folks. I had already made one round trying to wake everyone up before our walk. The kids did wake up, and we started our morning reading. 
  • So one odd thing happened today-Whitman finished his school work, and then that child finished tomorrow's school work as well. Towards the end of the week, he usually does have less to do, but I never expected him to keep working until he actually finished two days of school. 
  • I spent most of the afternoon doing school work with everyone-I work with Whitman in the afternoons plus had to work with Reagan as well. We did stop our school work to run and play with Shannon's dog for a little bit. Reagan was quick to volunteer because she wanted to try another round of coffee.
  • I did finally manage to finish all of our school for the day. I even walked on the treadmill-though my motives were only about watching a Hallmark movie. Soon Robby, Campbell and I headed out to pick up some suppers. We are still on the free kick so that is what supper was tonight-free. My part of the supper was delicious (a hamburger from the hamburger place, a concrete from there as well along with a roll from the next place.)
  • Tonight I was taking Bentley out to potty, and I thought that I wished she was a bit bigger so she could look a bit fiercer. Just about a minute later, that silly dog went absolutely ballistic-I don't know what she saw but she was going to kill it .
  • After I pulled the crazy dog back into the house, I did turn on one more Hallmark movie! There were a few snacks eaten tonight and possibly a bowl of ice cream (though the flavor that I picked out last night wasn't my favorite. I will have to ear Robby's instead.)

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