September 4, 2021

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  • We were all loaded up and in the car early this morning. Reagan was still in bed while Bentley was also in her bed. Though Bentley didn't last too long in her bed last night. She started barking around 2 or 3 until I took her to go to the bathroom. When we walked back in the room, I asked her to go to her kennel. She looked and me and then hopped right on the end of our bed. Since she sleeps well there and so do I, that is where we finished the night.
  • Back to this morning. Our first stop this morning was to Grannymom's house to drop off Whitman for the day. He gave me the full report tonight-played golf, dominoes, candy land, watched a movie and ate two grilled cheese sandwiches along with broccoli and carrots. 
  • Reagan and Bentley stayed at home all day while we were gone. Kennedy did come over this afternoon to accompany Reagan so she wasn't so lonely. I am not really sure what all they did do-I did get a picture of the dog, plus Reagan made snickerdoodles and Kennedy made brownies.
  • The rest of us including the Wilsons all headed to Fayetteville. We stopped once on the way for the bathroom and a gas stop. Then we were at the ball game. Shannon found us 4 free tickets so Robby just bought 2 which also came with a sweet parking pass.
  • We parked, pulled out our table and made our sandwiches. The parking was in the parking garage and there were plenty of spots so our little tailgate worked our perfectly. We made our sandwiches, ate our chips and drank our drinks before walking right to the game.
  • Anderson and Graham sat together on one 10 yard line while Robby, Campbell, Keaton and I sat on the other 10 or so yard line. The sun was behind us for most of the game, but it was still super duper hot. Well, it could have been so much worse, but it was still hot. Thankfully it was a bit hazy, and often there was a breeze coming towards us. 
  • The game was good-it was much better the last half of the last quarter when our row finally did become shaded. From then on, it was a pretty great game. No, watching the Hogs play was a lot of fun. The boys loved every minute of it. And the girls had no clue what was happening so I narrated most of the ball game for them.
  • After the game, we walked back to the van and got on the road headed towards home. Bless it, we knew that van had some air problems though it had only been an issue going and coming home from Branson. I don't even remember when we did that trip last though. When we would go up a hill, the air would stop and the heat would come on full blast. It wasn't the most comfortable trip-Robby would have to quickly turn our air off when we would go up a hill, and then turn it back on on the way down the hill. We never did get hot, but it could have been bad. 
  • And since 3 of the cars (including the van) have been to see the mechanic in the last few months, we are not going to take this one in now. It will soon be winter so we will just deal with it until then. Hopefully today was just a fluke, and it doesn't do it when driving around home-mainly to and from church since that is about the only place we take that van now.
  • We are our supper at Braums in Alma. It was a busy stop due to all of the Hogs fans. The food was decent though. I went to order ice cream for us since Robby was still eating. It was the most confusing thing ever. I wanted cookie dough. Robby wanted to split with me. They didn't have cookie dough. I got oreo thinking that Robby would like it since I really wanted M&Ms which he doesn't like. He said he really had wanted butterfinger, so we got oreo and neither of us liked it.
  • We did stop once more on the way home for the bathroom. Then we picked up Whitman before heading home for good. Kennedy was here when we arrived. Reagan said that dog duty had not been that bad-she probably enjoyed it, Now folks are cycling through the showers before bedtime.

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