September 26, 2021-Breaking in the Wilson's Camper

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Let's see-the morning didn't start out as early today as it did yesterday thankfully. We all slept well, but I sure don't know why I would have to wake up so many times to go to the bathroom. I really should limit my liquid intake after 8-just writing that makes me thirsty and I am now getting up to find my water bottle-seriously.

We had church this morning-well, some of us went. Robby, Whitman and Anderson stayed back at the camper. I was the only Sunday school teacher in our grade today so I kind of had to be there. It was a good class today-they are really the sweetest things. Teaching first grade has made me want to go back down to preschool again. Robby wouldn't be on board with that at all though.

After Sunday school, I gathered my crew and headed to Grannymom's house to meet the others. Anderson had helped Robby pack a few things away at the camper this morning, and they were nearly ready to pull out, but not quiet yet. We all had birthday lunch at Grannymom's house-Keaton picked taco salad and oreo delight.

Reagan and I couldn't stay too very long, but we did manage to stay to see Keaton open her presents-some cash, some clothes and a volley ball net. I know that she was most pleased about the volley ball net, and we will end up probably playing tomorrow.

Reagan had a game in Vilonia or Carlisle or Greenbriar-no Sheridan. Bless it! This traveling just a bit away is tough! Not really, yesterday and today I had decided that while Reagan was warming up, I would go some place to kill some time. Both days there was just nothing at all to do. I was certainly surprised when the mom next to me said that she went to Walmart. I told Reagan and she wondered where in the word a Walmart would have been because we saw nothing at all on the way there.

They lost their game, but Reagan was pleased and said that she played really well today so she was happy. We did stop to get a pretzel on the way home before stopping to get the mini van which we left at Grannmom's house earlier in the day. I would try to explain the car switcherroo situations, but that would just be too difficult. 

Reagan did drive the one car home today which was her first time to drive alone-alone. No brother or sister in the car with her. She did just fine. While I was lounging around at the soccer game, Robby was working hard. 

He drove the camper home and stared the unloading process. During all of this, he also had to deal with no power at the house since the electricity was briefly out. He also took Anderson to Raymar for a life group deal. Then pretty much as soon as I made it home, he headed out again to pick up Anderson at Raymar and Campbell and Graham at Rock Creek. 

By 8, we had the camper emptied out along with at least 3 loads of laundry clean. The Wilson's came over for supper, and we pulled out some leftovers and had ourselves another big ole meal. When they left, we picked up a few things, folded some laundry and put the people to bed! It was a great weekend, and now the week begins!

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