May 11, 2022

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  • Let's see-today was full of pretty much nothing. Tomorrow will be a busier day for sure, but not today. Bentley was the first awake for quite a while. She had pottied, was combed, brushed, trimmed and fed before anyone else woke up. 
  • In the mornings, Bentley follows me around as I run around the house working on chores. She just stares at me as I talk to her-today though I think that she was mad since we have changed her food back to a kind that she is not crazy about.
  • Eventually the kids did start waking up which was probably because I went upstairs, opened their doors, turned off their fans and turned on the hallway light. When they start stirring, I do have to oversee that they are at least getting their school work done. Anderson was not happy with me today since he had to watch a 30 minute video-he survived and still had plenty of time to do nothing at all today.
  • I walked on the treadmill this morning-I don't like walking on the treadmill but I do like eating ice cream so the treadmill is a must. I do like watching my Hallmark movies so that at least makes things better. 
  • Reagan went to work today. While she was there, I was worked a bit on my trip prep. I think that we don't have a ton left to do-pack cold food, pack clothes, load the car....well, I guess that is a good bit. Whitman and I are going to pack tomorrow. And maybe Keaton too.
  • I took Anderson to church early today because he had his dgroup. While he was there I went to the library. I actually had time to walk around the library, and I still love it! Then Reagan brought everyone else to church after she finished work.
  • Tonight was the last Wednesday night around here so everyone was a bit bummed for sure. They love Wednesday nights at church. And honestly, with the group of workers that work near me now, I enjoy it too and am a bit sad that we are finished.

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