May 26, 2022-All Around Lake Michigan and Beyond

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We were up on time today because we were meeting the shuttle at 9 this morning to take us to Hershey Park. We were ready to go-Bentley had been walked, fed and was in her kennel, Keaton, Campbell and Whitman had on their Hershey Parks shirts (Keaton's was Reagan's the last time we were here except we didn't go to the amusement park then.), and we were all prepared for a day full of fun.

And what a fun and exhausting day it was. It is almost 10, and I am about 700 steps shy of having walked 25,000 steps today. I figure I will get those when we go to pick up the laundry in a bit. This morning we had to wait a few minutes for the shuttle to the park, but we were still the first ones at the gate.

Keaton was one of the first ones into the park. We had a strategy that worked out pretty well, for the most part. There was a ride strategy and a food strategy. First the rides: the first ride that the kids rode was Candymonium. It was right near the front of the park.

Whitman was right at the line that was mandatory to ride most of the roller coasters today. He easily got on the first ride and most of the others. However, there were 2 rides today that they didn't let him ride-ugh! Whitman is so easy going-this didn't bother him at all. The first time I went with him on another roller coaster and the second time Robby and him jumped on some driving cars. Even though this didn't bother Whitman, it sure did bother Robby and me.

Everyone who has season passes, stayed at the hotel or at the campground were able to get into the park an hour early today. This helped us out tremendously. We went from ride to ride hoping on all of the big things that were opened. Until about 12-that is when the kids jumped in a line that we didn't think looked incredibly long.

We were wrong-they were in that line for 3 hours. Yikers! During this time, Robby and I did some people watching, some eating and he even went back to the camper to walk Bentley for a long while. Let's talk about the food and drink situation of the day.

We had a drink cup that we could refill every 10 minutes. We did pretty good at that. And then we also had 3 meal plans where we could order a meal every 90 minutes. And order a meal every 90 minutes we did-our timers were set as soon as they scanned those tickets. The first meal was pizzas, then bbq including a turkey leg, then more bbq, then chicken fingers and a sandwich and finally we had Moe's. So if each meal was 20 or so dollars, then saved well over 200 dollars today. (Now of course we wouldn't have bought that mean meals at all-I would have filled my bag with snacks, and Robby would have brought over sandwiches after taking care of Bentley.

After the kids finished the super long line, I had food waiting for them and even went to get more food for them while they rested for a bit. It didn't take too long though for them to be ready to go again. They were not nearly as tired or cranky as I would have thought. I would have been done after waiting for 3 hours.

We then all road some type of Reeses Peanut Butter Cup ride. It was cute and kind of like one of the Buzz Lightyear rides at Disney. Then we headed to see more coasters. We did stop to eat another meal and then the last hour of the park was pretty "Sweet".

We were doing some hustling but the kids were able to ride about 5 or 6 rides during that last hour. I know they are all exhausted because even after the park closed, we were still hurrying to catch the shuttle back to the park.

When we made it back to the camper, people started showers, and Robby and I started on the laundry. It didn't work the first round so we are about an hour later on finishing the laundry. That is fine though because everyone is still going strong-Whitman, Keaton and Campbell just came back from the playground.

This place had about 5 campers in our loop last night. There are at least 30 right now and they are still coming in. The host said they expect 200 more arrivals tomorrow. Eeek! It is kind of wild around here and really feels like a party!

 I have to get my party to bed soon though!

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