May 22, 2022-All Around Lake Michigan and Beyond

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Last night was one of the first nights on this trip that I didn't sleep too well, and it was all because of that silly dog. Since she sleeps in our bed, she somehow was on my covers where I couldn't pull them more on me. I carry a blanket for this exact reason, except that blasted dog was laying on my blanket as well.

So I was chilly most of the night long. I tried to move her, but she was heavy and I was tired! It wasn't that bad and I still slept very well. So well that I woke up before Robby got out of the shower-I did have to have my alarm to help with this though.

We were soon having to wake up the kids so they could get dressed before heading to Greenfield Village. We took the camper to the village today and left the car here because Bentley would need to be let out during the day. It worked out perfectly since at lunch, we had our whole kitchen here along with all of our clothes for those people grabbing more clothes also at lunch.

Today was the second day of Thomas the Train at the village. That was neat and all, but it just meant a lot of crowds there today. That's not good. However, they didn't really bother us too much. We weren't able to ride the train today, but we plan on it tomorrow. 

When we arrived, our first stop was to ride the Model Ts. Every time that we ride the Model Ts and every house that we went in today, we just kept learning more things. Robby and I have been pretty impressed by all of the different things that we have heard this time-even though this is our 6th trip to the Henry Ford.

For some reason, I am just a sucker for the Wright brothers and their bicycle shop and house. Plus the Ford house, I really do just love this place. Now, for the kids-they have seen this place and have been to every single part of the village and museum multiple times. They feel like they have done it and done it well-as in we probably can't bring them anytime soon. Robby and I could come back yearly however.

And let's talk about this-even though I sing the praises of this place, I have been a bit disappointed today. Not all of the houses were open, plus there were no character actors out today (probably staffing issues). Also, some touchy things were closed at the museum (covid). This kind of makes the experience different, but it has all still been wonderful. Possibly some of that will be different tomorrow (I doubt more things will be happening tomorrow!)

We went in most of the houses today. However, my favorite one-the sharecropper's house, wasn't opened. They have lined their walls with newspapers and one time the lady there made the kids sweet the dirt to keep the snakes away. Ahh, it is my favorite for sure.

At lunch we did walk back to the camper for lunch. Robby pulled out his lawn chair and sat on the grass with Bentley. He was sitting there eating his chicken spaghetti when he had to give directions to a car of people who were lost. The rest of us were in the camper eating-some folks had sandwiches, others had corndogs, it was like we had a buffet happening.

We explored until about 4:15 and then headed towards the camper. There were worked on our ravioli and manicotti for supper. Robby did them outside, but struggled to keep his flames lit in the wind so it took a bit longer. However, our supper was delicious though we did decide that maybe for camping we need the pre-cooked ravioli/manicotti.

Robby and I walked around this campground which is really a fairground. It doesn't seem to huge until you are walking around it in the chilly weather. When we made it back to our site, the Heltz were pulling in from their evening out. 

All of the kids have hung out mostly in our camper all evening long. They are still going strong right now planning their camp cheers and chants. We have had s'mores this evening so I do think that they have all had a pretty great day!

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