May 16, 2022-All Around Lake Michigan and Beyond

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Last night as we were going to bed, we could hear birds singing and chirping so incredibly loud. It was kind of odd....maybe the bright lights made them think that it was daytime, maybe the store pipped in the noise-whatever the case, it was strange to go to bed with birds singing. I wondered if I would wake up in the middle of the night and wonder if it was morning because of them.

I didn't wake up at all in the middle of the night. I slept wonderfully well, and I think that everyone else in the camper did too. Reagan even took a picture of Whitman, her bunk buddy, sound asleep holding his ipad before Robby told them to go to bed.

We tried to be as quiet as we could this morning, but when Robby starts this thing there is no being quiet. We only drove about 1 block to the gas station where we did our first gas stop of the day. I think that there were 2 other ones today, but there could have been more. We did drive over 600 miles today so most of the day was spent in the camper.

We held everyone off on breakfast until our next gas stop. Then we turned on the generator to use the microwave and heat up our muffins from Sams. I think that Campbell was the only one who opted for cereal instead of a muffin.

Robby and I tried to listen to a book pretty early today. We lasted about 2 minutes, and then looked at each other a shook our heads. The narrator had a pretty strong British accent that was super hard to understand. We then started on another book which is okay, and really after today we have probably already listened to over half of it.

Lunch today was sandwiches, chips and cheese sticks. We usually don't all eat sandwiches during the day for lunch. Keaton did opt for a tortilla, and I was glad that she did since after we all ate a sandwich I was left with only heels. Now I do have another loaf of bread, but this did cause me to run into Costco to buy another two loaves while we were stopped for gas/supper tonight.

Wisconsin was our fourth state of the trip-also the first time for Bentley and the camper to be in Wisconsin. So the camper gets a sticker-it might in just a minute if I can remember after writing this blog. We stopped for a bit to play at a park-Camden Playground in Janesville, Wisconsin. 

That was really the first time for the kids to be out of the camper today. Robby and I would get out when we got gas each time-him to pump the gas and me to walk the dog. They could have gotten out any of these times, but I guess when you are comfy there is no need to move.

I did pull out school work for the kids late this afternoon. They have about 4 minutes of work to do each day. I am not really sure it is worth the hassle, but it will help next year if they accomplish some now. Well, I said it probably isn't worth the trouble, but they sure did it without too much complaining so that was a good thing.

We stopped for gas at Costco. Then while Robby was heating up our chicken spaghetti, Reagan, Anderson, Keaton, Graham and I ran into the store for a few minutes. We walked around-then we walked around even longer when Robby text me saying that the spaghetti was still frozen.

By the time that we did make it back to the camper, he had it ready and was working on the bread. It was a delicious meal for sure. We had brought the chicken spaghetti in tupperware containers intending to throw them away when we were done. Two reasons: I don't need tupperware at home, and space in the camper. However, we couldn't do it. As we were debating it, Reagan even looked at us like we were crazy for even toying with the idea of throwing it away.

From the Costco, it was just about 45 minutes to the Cabellas that we are at tonight. There are a few other campers here tonight. Most of the kids walked around outside when we did arrive. Soon though people were in their pajamas climbing into their beds-it is tough riding in the car all day long.

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