May 9, 2022

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  • It was an early morning for us because Bentley was up way too early. That was probably a good thing because I was calling the dentist at 8 this morning because Robby has had a tooth ache for the past few days.
  • Now, since I was up at a decent time, I was certainly flying through my to do list today. It was nice. A bit before 9, I started to listen to make sure that Reagan was awake. I could hear someone in the bathroom upstairs so I assumed that it was Reagan. 
  • After a bit of waiting, I decided that I just better go and check. It was not Reagan-I started to wake her up, but she told me that she had her alarm set. I explained that she just had 17 minutes left before she had to leaves so she better check her alarm. That did get her up pretty quickly.
  • My main mission this week is to clean the school room closet. If you have seen it, you know. It always begins the school year immaculate, but earlier today you could not step foot into it. It had gotten so bad that I had just embraced it and began throwing things in it.
  • By the end of the day, it is looking very good, and I probably should finish by tomorrow. I just set my alarm for 10 minutes at a time to work on it today. And surprisingly those little bits were enough to make a difference.
  • There was our summer school work. Really, don't feel bad for the kids-it takes them about 20 minutes. Well, it does take the little 3 a bit more since they have to read too. And don't tell anyone, but they are all getting ahead for next year.
  • The big event today was the dentist. First, Robby-they couldn't see anything so he was referred to an endodontist. Not the best timing, but hopefully the antibiotics that were prescribed will help. If not, the pain pills will definitely help-but that means I will be driving the camper and that is what we do NOT want. 
  • 6 kids-5 cavities. Not too successful at the dentist today. Reagan and Keaton both have 1, and Campbell, who had been a bit cocky, has 3. Anderson's report was that he needs to brush his gums better. I probably shouldn't have then taken everyone but Anderson to get a snack at Sams while I did some speed shopping (main goal there was to get Robby's medicine.)
  • Anderson went with Robby to get a haircut, grocery shopping and a ChickFilA milkshake. Then everyone finally made it home.
  • We had baked potatoes for supper. While they were baking, Keaton made a snack, and I made chicken spaghetti for the trip. This left the kitchen a mess which took a while to clean after supper. 
  • Then Robby and I sat down to start talking about our trip food and menu. For some reason this took us until after 10. We do have a grocery list so that is wonderful. 
  • The kids will say that us being distracted and not having them go to bed at the normal bedtime was wonderful as well. And maybe us letting them stay up even later with their devices for a little bit was wonderful to them too.

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