May 28, 2022-All Around Lake Michigan and Beyond

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Oh, we did sleep so well. This was the first morning in a good long while that we were able to sleep in, and we sure did. Robby did go and talk to the people in the office and explained that our site doesn't have water, and he did pay for water. The guy was initially no help; however, he did later come and tell Robby where our spot was supposed to be.

When he did come and tell us, we were sitting outside eating our pancakes. This place is really pretty-beautiful actually. It is just on a campground in the middle of rolling hills. Some sites are just on sporadically spread out on the hills and others are in loops. 

We were already doing laundry in between cooking the pancakes and today's breakfast burritos. Robby and I did walk to check on the new site and decided that we would definitely move. The new site is situated right between the bathhouse and another building. And it has water-now, we could get by without water since we have lots in the fresh water tank, but it is nice to not have to worry about it.

After cleaning up our breakfast, we moved the party to the new site. It didn't take long for us to move and set everything back up. We actually did all of that while we had clothes in the dryer. This campground started out rocky, but it might just be one of my favorites of the trip.

Part of that is because of today's outing. We headed to Mt. Airy, the home of Andy Griffin. We have been there before in 2015 so the big 3 did remember a little bit of it. However, the best part of the trip was getting there. 

We drove the Mt. Airy by the way of the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was gorgeous. Now in the fall it would be stunning, but even now there were trees that were blooming purple and pink. We stopped at an overlook, Rock Castle Gorge, and then stopped again at Mabry Mill. This was a working meal and so neat. We walked all around the area in the perfect weather. 

I could have driven along all 400+ miles of the parkway today, but that would have been a bit much. The drive to Mt. Airy was excellent. When we did arrive, we walked along Main Street with everyone else. There was the barber shop along with the candy store. Some of the Dennies did stop and shop at the candy-Keaton had fudge, Reagan, Whitman and Graham had ice cream. Then there was a custard shop that Anderson and Campbell had. Robby and I had both! 

It was really a pretty perfect afternoon. Going back to the camper didn't take as long as getting there-of course we didn't make nearly as many stops. When we arrived back, Robby and I took a good long walk around this campground. It is a big place which would be perfect if you lived close and all of your friends could come too.

After our walk, we started on our supper-pizzas made in the air fryer. We made them outside and while we were cooking, the weather continued to get cooler. By the end of the evening, I happily went inside to start putting things away.

The kids were playing on the hill nearby until it was almost dark. Then we came in and started getting beds ready and taking showers. The internet is pretty lacking here so the evenings are always a bit shorter!

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