May 3, 2022

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  • So this was unofficially our last day of school around here-don't tell the kids though! I am not sure that they really realize it, but tomorrow starts their summer school work. 
  • Well, Reagan and Anderson still have a few things from Comm Central to finish up. He has a few quizzes online, and she has a test on Thursday. Plus there is that test that she has to take to determine if she can take a concurrent class. Reagan is just not strong in math-the plan is to take the test Friday, and then we will probably study for it daily and retake it weekly for the rest of the summer.
  • Sometimes I think that I should make a schedule for my low key summer days-but then I realize there isn't any not busy summer days. Hopefully, though I can get a lot of organizing done around the house.
  • We did a little bit of that today-I cleaned out one shelf, a drawer and Robby and I did the top part of the desk in the living room. We threw away a whole garbage bag of things. That jut makes my heart happy.
  • Campbell spent a good deal of the day painting a picture-there were a few parts that she redid, but it truly looks really good. Reagan and Anderson commented on it when they come home from school today. Keaton wasn't to be left out in the artsy category today-she painted some as well and made a cake for dessert tonight. 
  • Keaton also walked on the treadmill some. Anderson did as well-he decided that he was going to join the walk 100 miles and earn 20 dollars club like everyone else. "Why not?" he said. I wholeheartedly agreed.
  • We had chicken tacos for supper. The kids were disappointed that we didn't have chicken like we had camping. We promised them that we would again soon. And surprisingly, most of them ate corn tortillas instead of flour tortillas. Who knew they would like them? It is always fun to try something new and discover that you like it. 
  • After supper, the Wilsons wrote asking if Robby and I wanted to go to Walmart. Of course we said yes. I was able to work on my list-black flats for me, undies for Graham as well as some cokes for the house. 
  • We enjoyed Keaton's cake when we came home. Now, my next plan is to work on Whitman's school work for next year-yes, it is a bit early, but I might as well do it now.

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