May 2, 2022

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  • It was sure difficult for me to get up this morning-we just have a few days of school left, but I also had a trip to the dentist today which was not exactly what I was looking forward to. Growing up my dad would always say that he would rather have a vasectomy than go to the dentist-I kind of share his sentiments.
  • Anyway, I did finally get up and was able to fold most of the laundry before it was time to start on school. Folding most of the laundry kind of made my crazy since that was just hanging over my head for the rest of the morning until I could get back to it.
  • The kids didn't have a ton of school work today since this is just a continuation from last week's undone work. It still seemed to take forever to finish all of the school stuff. I was, however, happy that I did get all of our summer school sorted out and ready to go. 
  • Reagan went to work this afternoon, and I had a few more minutes until I needed to leave. Thankfully, since I have a new dentist, I do enjoy my dentist trips much more than before. Afterwards, I did run by the library to drop off some books and of course that makes me happy.
  • Back at home, I sat down to work on vacation Bible school for a little bit. I have a super long list of things to do today and am slowly working through them.
  • After ham and cheese croissants for supper, we headed to Academy to work on the "to buy" list-Campbell bought shorts and a swim shirt, Graham bought a Razorback shirt and athletic shirt, Robby bought shoes and shorts and Anderson bought shoes. It was a full cart, but everything had been on my list for quite some time. I need to take the crew to Walmart to do the same thing.
  • We did stop on the way home at Crumble cookie to get a few cookies-that made everyone happy. We munched on our cookies as we played one of Whitman's games for the trophy. Robby was the big winner, and our family trophy is now sitting on the mantle.
  • Now, I am going to try to work on Reagan and Anderson's transcripts before bedtime!

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