May 15, 2022-All Around Lake Michigan and Beyond

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This trip day started like most-Robby already out of bed because he couldn't sleep due to excitement. I was soon scurrying around trying to get myself ready for church while throwing things into the laundry basket that need to go to the camper.

Soon we were all dressed and ready-well, Whitman wasn't with us since he had spent the night with a friend last night. In true Whitman fashion, when I asked him about it, he told me that since it was his first sleepover-it was his best sleepover and also his worse sleepover. I did get him to elaborate more and tell me that it was closer to "best" than "worst." He also said that for breakfast he had "cereal, healthy cereal." He really had fun though despite the healthy cereal.

We did the church thing this morning-big church, Sunday school and even a meeting for me afterwards. Robby took the kids to Nonna and Pops' house so they could start on lunch before I arrived. I think that they were pretty much finished by the time I did sit down.

Robby then headed out with Campbell-she had a swim party and camp planning meeting. I think that they did most planning due to the storm that rolled in while they were swimming. She had a blast-it seems like it has happened over night but she is in full fledged teenage happenings-parties, phone calls-all the things.

I dropped Anderson off at his life group before picking up Campbell. Graham's life group was cancelled because of the storm. A bit later, Reagan headed off to a swim party herself. She was given firm instructions to leave right at 7 to pick up her brother and hurry carefully home.

She did-I think she even left right on the dot. They were soon home and showering. It didn't take too long for us all to be in the camper ready to go. Robby and I had already hooked up the car right before the storm did start this afternoon.

Tonight we drove 3 and a half hours to Popular Bluff, MO. We are boondocking in a Walmart parking lot. The last time we were at a Walmart we were the only ones. Tonight there are 4 massive campers pulling trucks holding motorcycles. They must all be together along with at least 2 other campers. We are all parked here in a little group so it should be a peaceful night.

Once we parked, we started putting beds out and cycling through the bathroom. Of course this takes a bit of time because there are a lot of us and not a huge space. We are pretty efficient. For example, I have written the blog while Robby was in the bathroom, so it is now my turn. 

Next up though is lights out for the kids-it is a bit after midnight. Then we will pull the slides in so tomorrow we can crawl up front (the couch bed will touch the dinette bed with the slides in) and hit the road. We try to be quiet, but there isn't much more sleeping for the boys when we start driving.

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