May 13, 2022

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  • This morning started off with a few hundred of our friends for a field day with some other local homeschoolers. We met at Fellowship for a huge field day that a homeschool group had planned. It was really, really good and well organized.
  • Unfortunately, Campbell was too old to participate so I hadn't signed her up. Thankfully though, she did come along-and had a blast. She was going to stay with a little friend, but ended up hanging out with Anna and the other 5th graders and participating with them. 
  • Keaton was in a group with Sophia so she had so much fun. And Whitman was with Eli so he also had a buddy in his group. They rotated around to 10 different stations. Then ended the morning with water guns, water balloons and popsicles-what could be better?
  • Back at home, they all put on dry clothes-and yes, we are all a little pink from the morning. I brought a full container of sunscreen....that didn't work. I could have asked to borrow a friends, but by the time I thought about it, it was probably too late.
  • Reagan went to work about the time that we left this morning. She worked until 1 before coming home. So she was busy most of the day long. 
  • There were a few of Anderson and Graham's xbox buddies that were sick today from school so they played with them for most of the day. So the house sure wasn't quiet any today.
  • Robby and I took Graham to go and get a hair cut this afternoon. I never think that they cut the big boys' hair short enough. I don't want to have to go back and get their hair cut again in just a few weeks-I want a hair cut to last a long while. I guess hair that grows means you are healthy.
  • We then ran to Sams and Kroger picking up a few things for the trip. The list seems to be endless-now, even though my kids have been given the packing list a bit ago, most haven't packed yet. This is a probably because someone will need something! For example, Anderson needs more socks before the trip-that is fine because there will be a Walmart trip tomorrow. However, at ten tomorrow night someone will find something! Oh well, there is always a Walmart.
  • Tonight Whitman had a birthday party. Now I do believe that this was Whitman's first party to go to that he didn't have his family with him. Of course he did just fine and had a blast. Pizza, ice cream, trampoline sprinkler-what more could a boy ask for?
  • While he was there, we made pizzas for supper and packed the freezer in the camper. Then it was time to pick up Whitman. We visited for a while so when we did return home, it was bedtime for all because tomorrow is the last soccer day (for the Dennie crew)

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