May 1, 2022-Happy 90th Birthday (Party) Grandpa!

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  • I went to sleep well before our normal bedtime last night, so I woke up well before our normal time to wake up this morning. That was a good thing because we needed every single second this morning. 
  • There was one kid outfit change plus the big event was not having car keys for the white van. Of course we didn't know this until it was time to leave-well, after time to leave with everyone outside holding Bibles, plates and shoes.
  • I had pulled the van out of the garage last night and Robby loaded it with ice chests so one of us locked the car with the keys inside. And this morning the spare keys weren't hanging on the little hook that says "white van spare." Why do I even have those hooks? That is now on the list for next week-organize the keys.
  • We do have a spare key zip tied to the bottom of the van....if we could have only remembered where that was. Robby did lay a jacket down and was crawling all on the ground looking under the van for the key. I had already looked in all of the key catching spots in the house when I thought of going into the camper. 
  • Thankfully the spare key was in there-we aren't really sure why it was in there. However, we were glad that it was in the camper, and we were soon on our way.
  • Today during the sermon Reagan was use as an illustration. While talking about the authority of the Bible, Dave mentioned that he was a soccer ref for Upward. He also said that he made a call that caused one team to not have a point (a girl on the other team scored in the wrong goal by accident).
  • However, he continued, that another ref-less than 1/4th his age called him over and showed him the rule book. He then reversed the call and awarded the other team the goal. Now, that was Reagan-my three big kids are a bit obsessed about doing their upward reffing correctly so the rule book is carried around with us and looked at often.
  • He did not mention that the goal that was then awarded to the team went to Campbell and Keaton's  team, and at the time they were behind. They later did win even without that goal after Campbell nailed the ball right in the goal from almost mid field.
  • After church, we did hurry home since we had a few things to do. First Robby sent the kids in to eat lunch and put away their laundry. He started putting up the tents and Anderson and then Graham came out to help him.
  • Let me just brag on my kiddos-they have worked and worked hard to help us with today. There has been yard work, house work, cooking, hauling chairs to and from the car and across the yard. They have done it all with out complaints and without being asked for the most part.
  • Soon the tables and chairs were set up-and the party started taking shape. Robby took the camper and one car to the Wilson's house and brought back Shannon. She helped the entire time, and I was so thankful. 
  • Shannon and my dad were on the kitchen patrol-putting out food and refilling dishes. Actually my dad even ended up on parking patrol as well. He went to the store at 7 this morning to buy parsley to make our food look ever better. We couldn't have done it without him and Shannon for sure.
  • The party started at 3, and people were soon arriving. They just continued to arrive for sure. It was certainly a fun day. There was lots of food and lots of fun celebrating Grandpa's 90th birthday. 
  • We were able to get family pictures before Anderson, Graham and Campbell left for church tonight. Then everyone else helped take down the party. Of course it went down much quicker than it went up.
  • I was able to get all of the chairs returned tonight along with putting everything from the party away. We had some leftovers but still opted for a different meal for supper-air fryer pizzas. We rehashed our week and day with the Wilsons while watching videos about our next trips!

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