May 23, 2022-All Around Lake Michigan and Beyond

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This morning Robby and I woke up, and we drove on to Henry Ford in the camper before making any of the kids wake up and get dressed. On the way, I commented how this would probably be easier for them since driving there would probably wake them up.

I was wrong-Graham was the only one who woke up at all. Everyone else was sound asleep after we pulled out of the campground, stopped for ice and then drove on to the Henry Ford. I was pretty surprised that they were all still asleep-I guess they were just tired!

I have been a bit tired today too. And my feet have been soar as well-like an old lady. Probably it is time for me to break down and get myself a new pair of tennis shoes. But speaking of tired, today we were in the museum and sat down to watch a NASCAR movie. 

The movie was in a little theater-it was insanely loud, well, like NASCAR would probably be. There were strobe lights, wind blowing at you at times and even the seats were vibrating some from the noise-and I just slept like a baby during it. I was pretty impressed with my napping skills there.

Anyway, we started our morning at Greenfield Village. We were immediately surprised with the school kids there. We could tell that was happening even before we left the parking lot. These people were parking everywhere-there was a huge camper in front of us, and people blocked the guy in. Seriously, I don't think we would do something like that in the south-I did make sure that I explained to my kids that you never block another car in to a parking spot.

However, we were soon almost blocked in as well. But for us, just like the other camper, we were staying all day long so there was no need to be stressed about it. All of those other people were out of the village by 2:30 today when they needed to head back to their schools. They said that it was about 4,000 school kids! 

This morning though we were still able to ride the Model Ts first thing. Then we caught a horse and buggy ride. Next, we met up with the Heltz and looked into a few houses. I am sure that we did some other things as well, but they escape me right now. By the time we had finished all of the things, we headed back to the campers for lunch.

After lunch, Keaton went to see an imax with some of the Heltz while we walked around the museum with some others. Campbell, Graham, Anderson and Robby all paid to do a NASCAR simulator driving thing. It was like a car race-from what I understand, there has been around 1,800 people do this. Most of their scores were in the 1000s; however, Anderson's score was in the 100s. He smoked Graham, Robby and Campbell and came out pretty proud of himself. Honestly, I didn't find him winning a race car game very comforting-he does turn 16 at the end of the year. Does he plan on driving like that on the real roads?

When the race was over, we then went to the village. We caught the train and made the loop around the park. It was a nice scenic train ride-and no shoot out (which is why I don't like the Silver Dollar City train). 

This is a little tidbit-so Walt Disney came to visit the Greenfield Village years before he opened his park. Maybe he even copied a few things from the village-a main street, a carousel, a train ride around the park and even into a wooded area, old timey cars going up and down the main street, and even a boat going around a lagoon (Greenfield Village's boat was retired many years ago). It is interesting that Disneyland/Disney World and Greenfield Village do share a few similarities like that.

After the train ride, we walked towards the playground stopping at the custard stand. Then the playground, a few carousel rides followed by us riding the Model Ts one last time before we left the park. 

For supper, we drove to a Steak and Shake. For some reason, Robby has had gift cards from there for a while, so we spent the up today. The parking lot to the restaurant was completely empty so we were a bit concerned about our food; however, it was all delicious!

Then it was back to the campsite. We hooked up the dolly, Robby dumped and worked on cleaning everything out, I gathered laundry which we did, then we ran to Walmart to pick up a few things followed by folding the laundry, hooking up the car and a walk for Bentley. Now, everyone is in bed, and I am next for the shower.

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