May 21, 2022-All Around Lake Michigan and Beyond

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The plan was for us to pull out this morning at 7. However, at 2 last night I woke up to go the bathroom. I also remembered that I hadn't charged my phone and saw that Robby was just going to bed himself. So after staying up late, leaving at 7 was pushing it. 

We did, however, pull out at 7:30 this morning. So we weren't too far behind our schedule. The kids really slept most of the trek all the way across the state of Michigan. We didn't hear from anyone for a very long time. 

Our first and only stop this morning was at Costco right near Dearborn. Robby got gas for the camper-he wanted to get gas for the car too, but they didn't have as many gas pumps as the ones at home. So we can do that another day.

We all went in to Costco and my, my. We have never seen anything like it. There were so many people in the gas pump line that we should have known. However, in the store it was craziness. The lines to check out where halfway across the store. It was so long that Robby went to go see what was happening at the front. 

Anderson and I stayed in line while the others went to get lunch...and really, it ended up being supper for most. We bought 2 pizzas, ice cream for most people, some churros, and a couple of drinks. The two pizzas were much larger than we had anticipated which ended up being good since we had that for supper and a few snacks during the rest of the day.

From there, we headed on to the Henry Ford museum. It is one of my favorite places on earth for real. The Heltz were already there so walked around with them. We were just here in December so we really do feel like we have covered the museum for sure. 

It is still fun to see everything, and the kids spent a good deal of time chatting with their friends. The highlight always is the math area and the race car area. Now today, the kids did get to be like a pit crew and change the tires, jack up the car and fill it up with gas during a race. They really enjoyed this.

We did get tickets for the last movie of the day. It was about bears-I think. You know how I am during movies; I get so, so sleepy. So I saw some of the movie but probably less than half. I do think that the kids enjoyed the movie. Tomorrow is the village which is all of our favorites.

After the museum, we drove right on to our campsite for the next three nights. It is the fairgrounds which is kind of neat. There are a lot more campers here than I really expected. The sites are close together, but it is certainly adequate for what we need. Plus there was laundry and lots of walking areas for Bentley.

Anderson and Whitman stayed back at the camper, while we went to Ikea. We bought a few things-a toilet brush, ziplock bags, a pizza cutter, a bag, some meatballs and mashed potatoes which ended up being supper for those of us who didn't eat pizza tonight. 

When we came back from Ikea, we did some laundry, ate those meatballs and eventually got ourselves into bed-well, I'm lying-that hasn't happened yet. It is 11:12 and the kids have just now gotten into bed. I still have my shower to take and hair to wash before bed for me!

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