May 4, 2022

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  • For some reason this morning, I had a ton of time before we had to leave for Bible study. We even left early so Keaton could be happy and not be late. We used to arrive on time and even early, but I am not too sure what has happened lately. 
  • Today we were early though, and I had plenty of time to do things at home before we left. I would have time to empty the dishwasher before I left-if I would have run it last night. Nothing makes me crazier than not running the dishwasher. That became Graham's chore so it was still finished by the time that we came home.
  • After our last Bible study, we went to Walmart for some more shopping-sandals for Campbell, crocs for Whitman, undies for Keaton, hairspray for Keaton, a shirt for Campbell, and a few other things. It doesn't take us long at all to spend 70 bucks.
  • At home, the kids started on their summer school work. Campbell and Keaton mainly worked on memorizing Bible verses-they thought that they could say them tonight, but that starts Sunday. I might just go crazy with all of the reciting of Bible verses going on around here-I know it is wonderful and all, but it's kind of making my head hurt.
  • The afternoon seemed fairly short-I did have to take Reagan to work since Robby thought he needed the suburban. He ended up not needing it, but I was surprised that you really can get to her work in 6 minutes like she said.
  • At church tonight, they few the workers-Tacos for Life and the worker's kids had pizza. I think that most of my kiddos would much rather have had the tacos for sure.
  • We did have ice cream after church tonight so that did make everyone happy-including me. It had been a while since we have eaten ice cream around here.

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