May 12, 2022

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  • Anderson and Robby left early this morning to beat the heat. Anderson painted the lines on the fields today at Raymar. Unfortunately, the grass is so long, that those lines may have to be repainted before the games if the grass is cut. Either way, they were headed home about the time that I was leaving.
  • Reagan took her 3rd Accuplacer test today. This was her second time to take the math section. Last time she missed the cut off by 2 points, this time she made it with about 8 points to spare. We were both pretty pleased-and I can send back that book that I ordered just in case for her to study some more.
  • By this afternoon I had sent in her transcript and test scores, and she is officially registered for concurrent classes with SAU. She is just doing College Algebra this year because there is no reason to overwhelm anyone. 
  • After her test, we ran by Old Navy for her to try on a bathing suit. Well, she didn't even need to see the size, she just had to hold one up to see if the size would work-then she came home and ordered one.
  • Not too long after getting home, Campbell, Keaton and I left for the pregnancy center. It was insanely busy today. One lady was next door so Campbell and Keaton ended up watching her children. And they did superb-now I did take care of changing the babies diapers.
  • We also had to move all of the things off of the floor out of one room so they could get new floor. Busy is fine, but it was just a hard day there. Like a lady called begging for formula because her daughter can't find any in Texas. And really, that was some of the easy things that were happening there today. 
  • From there, the girls and I ran to a gas station to buy an icee. I figured that they deserved it. Then we went on to soccer practice. It was 97 degrees and it was hot. I think that all of my clothes were soaking wet by the time that we left the soccer field-and I just sat!
  • The girls worked super hard during their practice. Campbell's face was bright red when I left to get gas in the cars with Robby. Campbell even volunteered to help Whitman's team practice tonight. I know that she will be worn out today-which is a sign of a good day.
  • After we came home soccer and started on supper-pancakes. Robby was finishing cleaning the camper. Then he went back outside tonight to work on the lights, and that is where we stayed until the bugs started eating me and it was well after 10. 
  • Currently, I am going to chase the kids to bed-and then possibly get me some ice cream!

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