May 29, 2022-All Around Lake Michigan and Beyond

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Another morning of sleeping so wonderfully in this camper. We snoozed for a good long time this morning. When we did wake up, we immediately started on breakfasts-today was like a buffet. Graham and I had bagels, Campbell had cinnamon toast, Whitman and Anderson had poptarts, Robby had a sausage biscuit, Keaton had a cheese stick, and I do believe that Reagan skipped breakfast even though I offered her some pasta which is what she had the other day for her breakfast. 

When we did finish getting ready, we loaded up and headed to the Booker T. Washington Monument. I had forgotten that we had been there in 2015 so I was convinced that we had not explored this site. However, it was a good thing that we came. Last night, Robby was teasing the kids, who are getting a bit tired of this traveling and are ready to go home, that if they could tell us a few facts about Booker T. Washington then we would skip today's outing.

So the kids did start telling facts about Booker-Graham did have a few facts about him since Graham once dressed up at Booker to do an oral report. There were the obvious facts-he was black, he taught school, he made bricks and his students held an umbrella over his head when it rained in the schoolhouse because of leaks in the roof. However, for some reason we did get our famous people all mixed up and soon the kids were elaborating on how Booker T. invented the peanut. 

It took us until today to realize that Booker T. Washington was not the peanut guy. That was George Washington Carver. After the video today and the walk around the farm where Booker was born, we are now straight on our history facts.

Getting to the stop involved a short drive down some of the Blue Ridge Parkway again. Then after we left the parkway, we had some crazy roads-we would be on a road for a mile, turn left, drive a mile and turn left again. I was convinced that we were driving in a circle, but we did eventually make it.

In the same town, they had a Wendy's that we stopped for lunch at. This was an awkward experience because while we were eating inside, they locked the doors-people would constantly try to come in. Then they would look in and say, "well, there are people inside." By the end of our meal, Graham and Reagan would try to slouch down so people couldn't see us. They were pretty short handed so this must have been the reason that they locked the doors.

After our lunch which also included frostys, we ran into Kroger to buy a few things. Today our random purchases included a case of water, ketchup, mashed potatoes, a cheese. We have been steadily eating through our groceries, but I do believe that we will come home with as much food as we started with. It will all be different food, but still food.

It just took about an hour to get back to the campsite. Robby and I dropped off the kids and put away the groceries, and then we left. We headed to the town of Floyd to walk around for a little bit. This was a happening town. They had a little Main Street with a few busy restaurants and even a general store.

In the store, there were about 15 people sitting in a circle with all of their instruments. They were singing and playing. It was very neat. We sat there for a little bit and watched them before going next door and buying a little bit of ice cream.

Then we did come back to the camper. While we were gone, the kids had made themselves a really neat fort in the evergreen trees beside the camper. It was at least 20 degrees cooler in there-they had moved the chairs, table and even the blankets. It was quite fun.

They stayed outside most of the evening long-Campbell met people at the dog park and soon her, Keaton and Whitman were playing tag with new friends. They stayed out until we made them to go and take their showers. 

Once most people were cleanish again, we did a load of laundry, went on a walk and started on supper. Tonight's supper included meatballs leftover from our Ikea trip and mashed potatoes. It was warm and delicious. We, of course, needed a dessert so we cut up the leftover fudge from yesterday, and the kids had a choice between fudge or little debbies.

Around 10, we finally started making beds around here. I need to wash my hair tonight so that will take a minute. But soon this crew will be heading to bed! Tomorrow will be an early start.

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