May 14, 2022

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  • Last night as I was explaining today, I mentioned that Reagan and Whitman would come later with Robby to Raymar since she didn't have to ref the first game. Reagan then realized that she had to ref the other three so she wouldn't have time the chat. She said that she would rather go early-so early we did.
  • Probably at 6:30 this morning when we were waking everyone up, Reagan probably wished that she didn't suggest coming early with Anderson who had to be there. It worked best that way though because Robby and Whitman came on early anyway. 
  • Whitman spent the first game sitting in the car on his ipad because he was exhausted. Anderson and Graham reffed one of first games. However, Reagan didn't get to do much visiting because she ended up reffing a bit of another first game. 
  • Now, on the way to Raymar this morning, I made a big deal about wanting my group picture. I made sure that no one would act surprised or silly about taking one. And blast it-I completely forget about it. I still might have them put on their ref shirts and jerseys for a group picture when we come home. I didn't realize it until tonight and was so made at myself. I guess that just means that I need to take some really good pictures over the next few weeks of all of the kids.
  • Thankfully, Jason takes my soccer pictures so I do have quite a few good ones-just not groups of all of my babies. Anyway, all of our games were at 1 today. Reagan, Anderson and Graham were busy pretty much all day long. Whitman spent most of the day with his friends on the playground or sitting in the shade. Campbell and Keaton worked the concession stand some, but spent a good amount of time watching other games and running around with their friends.
  • Whitman's game ended in a tie. He was goalie the first and last period. He did get scored on the last period causing the score to be 0-2. Then his team did come back pretty quickly. (There is a picture of Whitman telling someone what they did wrong after he was scored on.) 
  • We had said that we wouldn't make him play soccer again next year. However, he has been a really good back and goalie. Today he made a bunch of great stops and isn't afraid to dive on that ball. I think that he kind of enjoyed it-and he certainly loved his team, so I sure don't know what we will do next year when he moves up an age division.
  • Campbell and Keaton's team played the team that they tied against last week. This week they beat them 9-0. I some how missed everyone one of their scores even though I was sitting right in between the two fields trying to watch both games. Campbell scored once and Keaton scored twice. They were on fire today. That made their last game a lot of fun for them-this was Campbell's last upward game since she has now aged out of Upward.
  • After the game, Whitman went home with Owen to spend the night. This is Whitman's first time to spend the night anywhere other than grandparents. He didn't seem to be worried at all about leaving us and couldn't wait to leave....once I reminded him where he was going.
  • Back at home, there was packing by some, baking by Keaton, showering by all, dog washing by Keaton, napping by Reagan and Keaton and some shopping by Robby and I. We were trying to get a lot of things accomplished and did pretty good on our lists.
  • We picked up supper on the way home which we ate before heading to the Wilson's house to celebrate Tony's birthday just a day early. We stayed over there while the kids finished a game which they enjoyed. 
  • Then it was home-Shannon had sent home some clothes for the girls which they went through like Christmas. Then it was time to clean the house-Robby did the bathrooms, the kids did a few chores and I worked on the kitchen. Soon things were decent at least.
  • It is 11 and I haven't yet put the kids in bed. I am blogging and trying to keep the laundry and dryer going while Robby is making a few trip notes and printing out a map and itinerary for the kids.

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