May 8, 2022-Happy Mother's Day!

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  • Robby woke up early this morning and started waking up the kids. When I did wake up because of Bentley whining and breathing on my face, it was 7:30. I took her outside and then for some reason, a bit later I decided that I just have 30 minutes before it was time to leave.
  • I started moving around pretty quickly and was soon ready and joined the crew in the kitchen. That is when Robby had to explain to me that we still had 45 minutes before leaving. I am not sure what I was thinking, but it was nice to have a leisurely morning.
  • Keaton had made us cinnamon rolls to enjoy. There were cards from everyone along with shoes from Robby and sunglasses from Keaton. It was a good start to Mother's day. We even had time for pictures with the kids before loading up for church.
  • After church we went to Grannymom's house. She had bbq for lunch which was delicious. Keaton, Campbell, Reagan and I played a few card games before we left.
  • This afternoon I did have my Mother's Day nap. It wasn't too long because we left around 4:30 to run to Nonna's house to give her her Mother's day present and see her for a few minutes before taking Campbell, Anderson and Graham to Rock Creek for the evening.
  • Keaton went with us on this trip, and we made an evening out of it. We went to Sams, Walmart and Kroger. Grocery stopping is still a bit nuts-I was looking for cereal and couldn't find a Walmart/Kroger brand. I just didn't get it and will look for it later. We did find some cheap dog treats so that made me happy. 
  • We then picked up the boys and girl and ran to Burger King for supper. It was not fast food at all-we waited for a good while before getting our food. Then came home and were missing a bit. However, we were all fed and happy so that made it worth it.
  • Right now, I am blogging, Whitman is on his ipad but also watching American Idol that Robby had turned on the tv. Keaton just got out of the shower. Campbell is in the bonus room probably chatting with friends. Graham and Anderson are playing xbox with someone-I know this because they are quite for a minute and then they start yelling. And Reagan-I am not too sure what she is doing. We have a bit of time before bed, so I'm planning on working on school work for next year.

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