May 6, 2022

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  • Robby was up and gone early this morning-he picked up the camper window and as soon as he was home, we started installing it. The way things are going, we feel fairly confident that with in the next few years we will know how to completely build and rebuild a camper.
  • I was working hard on my morning list-there were quite a few things on it. However, I often became side tracked today with working on the school room, the school room closet and pulling out school for the fall. 
  • My closet is pure craziness. I started off bad, but now I am going through each section-when I do, I put most things back away neatly, but then the things that I didn't know where they go, I just throw in the floor. So yep, the closet is bad-but now that I have created the mess, I feel a be stressed because I sure don't want to leave for a while and leave the school room a mess....though I could just shut the door. 
  • Anderson finished the very last thing that he had to do for 9th grade today. That is nice-now he can start on his summer school work which is really just school work for next year. I am hoping that he can get a head start in health, civics and economics this summer. Anything to lighten the school year a little.
  • Reagan went to work today, and she also get her second pay check-this one was a big one for sure. She worked a few nights at the soccer field so that was on this check. It was large enough that maybe I should work where she does myself. Though I still don't think that she has any plans with what to do with her money-she has bought a magazine and that is about it.
  • Campbell, Keaton, Graham and I went to Edwards today to pick up some strawberries because they were having their sale. We also had some bbq sandwiches-well, Graham didn't. He had be drive on to ChickFilA since he had a gift card. Anderson also had a free sandwich coupon that we used for him. 
  • I guess they still weren't hungry when Campbell, Keaton, Robby and I went to On the Border for supper. Reagan had actually gone out to eat with work so she had leftover salad in the fridge. Whitman would never choose to leave the house to go out to eat so Anderson made him a grilled cheese. 
  • We sure did enjoy our On the Border though. I think that is Robby's favorite restaurant. I like it to when the service is good-and tonight it was great. We came home, and I washed my hair before settling into my chair for the night.

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