May 5, 2022

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  • Oh, this was the first day in a while that I didn't have to set my alarm. Well, I did have to make sure that Reagan woke up to go to her last day of class. She just had one test to take today. Anderson also had classes today....but we let him skip. 
  • Now, his daddy let him skip. He didn't have anything to turn in plus he didn't have any tests so I guess it was fine. I skipped one class in all of my life-just one. I hope we aren't now raising a truant. (Probably not since he asked if he should email his teachers to tell them he wouldn't be there.)
  • The morning went quickly. We did our last history lesson which made me supper happy-we have been doing this history for 6 years now, and I have finished the book every single year. However, I hear that there is no prize for this.
  • There was much working on the verses today-well, Campbell and Keaton did. I made Whitman-he isn't too motivated to do much of anything. Even when I explain that there is a prize (a gift card), he just shrugs his shoulders! He would be highly motivated by a science experiment.
  • This afternoon I took Reagan to take the math portion of her accuplacer test. If she made a certain score then she can take College Algebra this year. We have been studying for weeks and week. She needed a 249 and made a 247. 
  • I couldn't have been any happier about that score. Just 2 more points is all that she needs. We will study again this week and take it again next Thursday. Seriously, I am so relieved that she was so close to what she needed. So say a little prayer next Thursday!
  • Afterwards, Reagan needed a haircut plus she was starving. I treated her to Tropical Smoothie-almost had to take out a bank loan. Reagan did tell me that this way I don't have to buy her anything when she does pass her test.
  • This afternoon I worked in the school room getting school ready for next year. Yes, I prepared Whitman's school for next year. He could start tomorrow-I know that is a bit silly, but it is one thing that I have now marked off my list.
  • I worked super hard on our supper tonight-I heated up some cans of soup and made some grilled cheese. Most people seemed pleased-well, most people opted for packages of ramen instead! 
  • I am currently cuddled under a blanket watching a Hallmark movie. I probably should do something else productive-maybe at the next commercial break.

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